It’s Time To Revisit Sienna Miller’s Boho Luxe Look – Here’s How To Make It Work Now

Dig out your peasant skirts and coin belts and give boho a second chance.

Sienna Miller boho luxe

by Laura Antonia Jordan |
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A moment of triumph for my 18-year old self this week. Back in 2004, I would eagerly await the arrival of Grazia in the shops each week so that I could nab a copy and see what Sienna Miller was up to. Or to be precise, what she was wearing. Fast forward to now and I am not only working for Grazia, but here, writing about what Sienna Miller was wearing back in 2004 for the latest instalment in our Fash Back series.

Sienna Miller in 2004
Sienna Miller in 2004 ©Getty

I’d like to think that my tastes have evolved in the past 16 years, but Sienna’s early Noughties style continues to captivate me. And I’m not the only one. She was the woman we all wanted to dress like back then – and as the tidal wave of coin belts and gladiator sandals, peasant skirts and smocks which quickly flooded the high-street proved – we made a good stab at trying (goodness knows I did, my favourite look at the time was a skirt worn as a dress, sandals that laced up to the knee and bangles pushed up to my shoulders).

Sienna Miller and Jude Law in 2004
Sienna Miller and Jude Law in 2004 ©Getty

Today the words ‘boho luxe’, the fashion moment of which Sienna was reluctantly anointed the patron saint, must feel like a millstone – or, you know, a particularly heavy tasseled necklace – around her neck. As with so many trends, we killed it in our eagerness to copy it (the success of a trend or piece is often its death knell). What felt like a defiant, free-spirited, individual look soon became tired thanks to its ubiquity. Eventually, we all moved on.

But this summer, perhaps it’s time for a bohemian reboot. After all, with so many of us still effectively house-bound, aren’t you craving the sartorial wanderlust imparted by embellishment and embroidery? Don’t you need the giddy joy of flippy skirts and the comfort of shrugged-off-the-shoulders cardigans in your life? Surely you’re ready to rebel against all this rigidity and dive into anything-goes eclecticism? If you are, then Sienna is your girl.

Sienna Miller in 2005
Sienna Miller in 2005 ©Getty

The pieces from the golden 2003-2005 era to takeaway now, then. Embroidered waistcoats and jackets are an easy way to update jeans and T-shirt. Grecian draping feels equally parts empowered and ethereal. Beaded bags, chunky gold jewellery and floppy hats will all bring a barefoot glamour to even the most downplayed look. Don’t want to buy anything new? Simply wear your hair tousled at every opportunity. You never, ever want to look too 'done'.

Sienna Miller in 2005
Sienna Miller in 2005 ©Getty

The truth, however, is that there really aren’t any rules to nailing the Sienna look (‘I get sad looking back and seeing these pre-social-media days, where people were wild and reckless, and nothing was contrived or over-thought,' she told Grazia in 2019. 'There were these original moments in fashion – even though they didn’t feel it at the time’). This is about dressing for yourself. What I love about her get-ups from this area were that they were a complete rejection of obviously ‘sexy’ style. Sure, she is astonishingly pretty, but you never got the impression she was playing up to it. To wear a loose-fit dress over jeans tucked-into cowboy boots in the antithesis of dressing for the male gaze; no woman ever put on a pair of Uggs in a bid to get laid.

Sienna Miller 2004
Sienna Miller 2004 ©Getty

Allow me to dish out one final word of advice: vintage. The appeal of the boho-luxe look was in the buffet of references Sienna drew from – a belt from Marrakech here, a Balenciaga bag there, a Portobello Market steal mixed with off-the-runway Chloé. If you want to avoid looking like you’re in Coachella cosplay, don’t wear a ‘total look’ from anywhere. Mix it up, have fun, and hope that lockdown clear out unearths a few gems from 2004. Get it right and this time we might not kill boho.


How To Get Sienna's Style

Sienna Miller boho style1 of 23

Arket, Cropped Wool Hopsack Waistcoat, £59

Sienna Miller boho style2 of 23

Zara, Limited Edition contrast jacket, £89.99

Sienna Miller boho style3 of 23

Pull & Bear, Strappy top with contrast embroidery, £15.99

Sienna Miller boho style4 of 23

Urban Outfitters, Serena Floral Broderie Blouse, £39

Sienna Miller boho style5 of 23

Dune London, Chestnut Ruched Side Zip Ankle Boots, £79

Sienna Miller boho style6 of 23

Ganni, Light Linen Skirt, £345

Sienna Miller boho style7 of 23

& Other Stories, Fitted Ribbed Knit Trousers, £65

Sienna Miller boho style8 of 23

Escvdo, Tani crocheted cotton midi skirt, £398

Sienna Miller boho style9 of 23

Isabel Marant Etoile, High-rise denim skirt, £190

Sienna Miller boho style10 of 23

Brinker & Eliza, Gold-Plated Playdate Necklace, £150

Sienna Miller boho style11 of 23

Alanui, Bandana vest, £1,340

Sienna Miller boho style12 of 23

Ganni, Stud Denim Vest, £225

Sienna Miller boho style13 of 23

LK Bennett, Suede Knee Boots, £225

Sienna Miller boho style14 of 23

Zara, Floral Crochet Sweater, £49.99

Sienna Miller boho style15 of 23

Isabel Marant, Woma embellished leather waist belt, £269.50

Sienna Miller boho style16 of 23

Urban Outfitters, Floral & Lace Prairie Mini Dress, £42

Sienna Miller boho style17 of 23

Free People, Fields Flare Jeans, £118

Sienna Miller boho style18 of 23

Caravana, Venus fringed woven leather waist belt, £168

Sienna Miller boho style19 of 23

Gucci, Brown Houdan 85 Suede Leather Mules, £560

Sienna Miller boho style20 of 23

Free People, Lola Kimono, £88

Sienna Miller boho style21 of 23

Next, Suede Across-Body Bag, £38

Sienna Miller boho style22 of 23

Ugg, Classic Short Blvd Boots, £195

Sienna Miller boho style23 of 23

& Other Stories, Frilled Lace Midi Dress, £85

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