5 Outfits To Wear To Work This Week

5 Outfits To Wear To Work This Week

    By Lucy Morris Posted on 25 Apr 2018

    If you’re the type of person besieged by that Sunday night fear then you’ll know that picking out what to wear on Monday is one of the fastest ways of expelling this bad energy. What if we were to tell you, we know what you should wear not just at the start of the week, but every single day?

    Here are five women who strike the right sartorial note for leaning in at the office. Smart and sophisticated, yet simple and easy to pull off, these inspiring ensembles don’t require an Haute Couture budget to put together. In fact, many of these items might already be lurking in a drawer somewhere. This is the argument for how and why you should be putting these pieces together.

    Note that a white suit suggests you’re organized (and not a klutz), while a floral dress under a blazer signifies that you’re in charge of the trends, not run by them. Spend a moment scrolling and come out the other end with a new perspective on your office dress code.

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