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A Brief History Of The Very Best Royal Wedding Tiaras

Truth be told, the dress get all the good attention at weddings. There's no denying that much speculation in the run up to the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding is around the all important dress. Is it a ballgown or a-line? Fishtail or trumpet? Tulle or satin? Ivory or white? What about the neckline? What about the train length? And so on and so forth...

In all of the fanfare ahead of the royal wedding this weekend, we've perhaps over deliberated who Meghan Markle will be wearing (most bets are on Ralph & Russoe but Meghan's mum being spotted with a Burberry bag - WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?), we haven't spoken all that much about what she'll be wearing on her head.

We're talking tiaras, of course. The universal symbol for princess (...right?!) and one of the biggest jewelry statements to be made on ones royal wedding day. But which will Meghan Markle wear to walk down the aisle on Saturday?

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Some think it's likely that she'll end up wearing the Spencer Tiara, the one that Princess Diana wore on her wedding day, to draw fond references to Harry's mother on their special day. After all, Kate Middleton also honoured Diana by wearing one of her favourite tiaras at her wedding to Prince William. Or perhaps she might find herself using The York Diamond Tiara which has famously not been seen among the crowned jewels or in public for years.

Of all the royal heirlooms, their are many contenders. So we're taking the opportunity to look back at some of the most beautiful tiaras to ever have been worn at royal weddings gone by. We'll warn you now, you'll be hard pressed to pick a favourite....

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