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Beatrice defied suggestions that she would borrow her mother's...

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When Princess Beatrice surprised us all by marrying her fiancé Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, she did so in a gorgeous dress borrowed from her grandmother the Queen. But that wasn't all. She also received a tiara - the one that the Queen wore on her own wedding day - that made us green with envy that made us want to explore every diadem in the royal collection.

According to etiquette, only married women are allowed to wear tiaras: they are reserved for evenings only, but exceptions are made for such important occasions.

Princess Eugenie, who got married in 2018, brought a surprise down the aisle by wearing the Greville tiara. A particular favourite of the Queen’s Mother, this diamond and emerald tiara, belonged to heiress Margaret Greville, and was left to the Queen when she died. The choice of tiara was a bit of a shock, as it was speculated she would have wanted to wear the same tiara her mother wore on her wedding day, as a sign of respect. Evidently Princess Beatrice wished to go against the grain, too.

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Of all the royal heirlooms, there were many, many contenders. Here are some of the most beautiful tiaras to ever have been worn at royal weddings gone by. We'll warn you now, you'll be hard pressed to pick a favourite....


Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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On her wedding day, Kate Middleton wore the Cartier 'halo' tiara. It was lent to her by the Queen and was originally bought by The Duke of York for Th Queen Mother and handed down to the Queen for her 18th birthday.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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All eyes were on Meghan Markle, as she approached St George's Chapel wearing Oueen Mary's tiara from 1932. It was last worn by Princess Margaret in 1965. Only a 53 year wait before this tiara had its time to shine again.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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Princess Eugenie did not follow suit when it came to her tiara. Everyone was certain she would wear the York family tiara, however she opted for the gorgeous Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara, her something borrowed from the Queen.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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Lady Gabriella Windsor kept it in the family when choosing her tiara. The Kent City of London Fringe tiara, was also worn by her mother, Princess Michael of Kent, her auntie, Princess Alexandra of Kent, and her grandmother, Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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Zara Philips, grand-daughter to the queen, married England rugby captain Mike Tindall a little after Kate Middleton and Prince William's ceremony. She wore The Meander tiara which originally belonged to Princess Andrew of Greece.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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For her wedding to George Gilman, Lady Rose Windsor wore the Iveagh tiara, also sometimes known as the Gloucester Leafage.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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Autumn married Princess Anne's son, Peter Philips, wearing the Festoon tiara. Anne, who was given the tiara by the World Wide Shipping Group back in the 70s, lent the tiara to Autumn especially for the wedding.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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Sophie wore a newly modeled tiara for her wedding to Prince Edward. It was a gift from the Queen and was apparently made from four pieces of a crown that was once owned by Queen Victoria.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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The three brooches that Princess Margaret was given as wedding gifts in 1960 were turned into a tiara - the Snowdon Floral Tiara - for her daughter's wedding to Daniel Chatto.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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The Kent Diamond and Pearl Fringe Tiara was the item of choice for Lady Helen's wedding to Timothy Verner Taylor.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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When Sarah married Prince Andrew, she wore the tiara often known as the York Diamond tiara. It's a combination of platinum and diamond that also comprises parts of a necklace, bracelet and earring trio that was given to her as a wedding gift from the Queen.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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Of all the royal tiaras, you're probably most familiar with the iconic Spencer tiara that Diana (formerly Diana Spencer) wore on her wedding day. It was a family heirloom that had been passed down between the Spencers since the 1930s.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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Marie Christie only actually wore a tiara for the ball that followed her wedding to Prince Michael, and went without for the ceremony. The tiara she did eventually wear was the Kent City of London Fringe tiara which was given to her by her mother in law, Princess Marina.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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The Queen's only daughter Princess Anne had the honor of wearing the Russian Fringe tiara - a particularly special piece that her mother, Queen Elizabeth, wore on her wedding day.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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The Kent City of London Fringe tiara was also worn by Princess Alexandra of Kent on her wedding day. It was borrowed from her mother Princess Marina before Princess Alexandra passed it down to Princess Micheal of Kent for her wedding 15 years later.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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The Kent Diamond and Pearl Fringe Tiara was Katharine's tiara of choice for her wedding to Prince Edward, Duke of Kent.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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The tall and floral inspired Poltimore tiara was worn by Princess Margaret on for her wedding. Apparently it can be broken dow into eleven individual brooches as well as a tiara. After Margaret's death in 2002 the tiara was later auctioned at Christies for $1.7million.

Grazia Royal Wedding Tiaras
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The big story around Queen Elizabeth's famed Russian Fringe tiara is that it snapped only hours before her wedding to Prince Philip. Evidently it was swiftly mended by a court jeweler leaving a slight gap between the middle spike and the one to it's right.

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