Is Sarah Ferguson The Most Entertaining (Ex) Royal?

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by Katie Rosseinsky |

Thinking back, Sarah Ferguson’s appearance at Harry and Meghan’s wedding was far more exciting than that of, say, an unfeasibly glamorous Hollywood power couple (sorry, George and Amal Clooney) or even Fergie’s underwhelmingly-hatted daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. At age 58, Sarah Ferguson today remains one of the most intriguing members of the royal family. And yes, before you ask even though Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew divorced, she still has her title.

Sarah Ferguson At Meghan And Prince Harry's Wedding

Shunned for years from high profile events like this one following her divorce from Prince Andrew (she famously jetted off to Thailand for a spa break after missing out on a golden ticket to William and Kate’s 2011 celebrations; hearsay has it that Prince Philip will not be in the same room as 'that woman'), the former Duchess of York turned the path to St George’s Chapel into her version of a glorious red carpet comeback, her one – inexplicably – solitary glove deserving its own Twitter account. The memes, of course, landed in droves. 'Best arrival since Maleficent at the christening,' one Twitter user commented, not so much poking fun at Fergie's glow-up as encapsulating just how satisfying it was to see the woman spurned by the famously uptight Windsors broadcast her hilariously defiant return, grandiose hand gestures included, to literally billions of people around the world.

Sarah Ferguson 2018

It remains to be seen whether this watershed moment will truly mark some kind of royal rehabilitation for Fergie, though with the wedding of her younger daughter,Eugenie, taking place in October, and the fact that, following the birth ofPrince Louis, she and Prince Andrew would have no obstacles to re-marrying (the Prince is now seventh in line to the throne, meaning that he no longer has toseek the Queen's permission before marrying...) it seems increasingly likely. In the mean time, there's plenty for us to keep ourselves occupied with on her social media accounts (for when we're not, you know, wondering about why no one is talking about who'll eventually play Fergie inThe Crown).

Sarah Ferguson Instagram

If you're not already following Fergie on both Twitter (@SarahTheDuchess, my favourite handle since @badgalriri) and on Instagram (@SarahFerguson15, leaving us to ponder which 14 Sarah Fergusons beat her to it...) may I recommend that you do so immediately? Her Instagram account, boasting nearly 50,000 followers, is a particular gem, giving us some unexpected and candid insights into the life of a sort-of royal. There are motivational quotes against colourful backgrounds and stock landscapes (‘You can find the jelly beans within yourself and bring joy and colour, you don’t have to eat them to feel them,’ reads one particularly gnomic phrase). There are #throwbackthursdays of her ex-husband in ‘80s heartthrob mode. And there are family photos overlaid with lovely sentiments in cursive fonts, much like the ones your mum shares on Facebook (unlike Fergie, your mum is probably yet to graduate to this particular platform).

All this – aside from maybe the Andrew throwbacks, and the mum memes – can’t help but bring to mind the long-lost Instagram account of the royal family’s newest member. Lest we forget, long before the Givenchy dress, the Lifetime movie and the roast chicken proposal, Meghan Markle (now the Duchess of Sussex) enjoyed a rewarding side-hustle as a lifestyle blogger (RIP, The Tig) and curator of a quintessentially ‘Instagram’ Instagram account (RIP, too). She, just like Fergie, appreciated a motivational quote in a swirling font, a picturesque landscape with an inspiring caption – and they both visited Italy (and Instagrammed Italy) in 2016! If Meghan was still allowed a social media account while carrying out her new royal duties, I like to think it would look a little (or a lot) like her ex-aunt-in-law’s. (Incidentally, Sarah Ferguson is one of the only royal brides of recent years to opt for a flower crown instead of a tiara for her wedding ceremony - very on brand for The Tig). In a world of influencers, be Fergie...

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