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Is Prince Charles' Nickname For Meghan Markle Classic Father-In Law Bants or Just Slightly Sexist?

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Allow me to set a familiar scene. You’re visiting your partners' parents for the weekend, your face is sore from the smiles you’ve been faking, and your brain is tired from all the interest you’ve been feigning. You’re future-possible-father-in-law clocks you reminding your partner to do something and belts out the predictable ‘OH SHE’S A FIESTY ONE ISN’T SHE’. You’re contemplating how much botox costs as you laugh along.

One whiff of an equal power dynamic and your reputation in the family is set: you’re the one who puts your partner in their place, the one who lays down the law, the backbone of the relationship. Cue the ‘wearing the trousers’ banter, the half joking half passive aggressive comments, the nickname you’re not sure is really a term of endearment or not.

We’ve all been there, and by all of us, I mean literally, even Meghan Markle is there right now. That’s right, the Duchess of Sussex is just like the rest of us, having to deal with weird father-in-law banter you’re not quite sure about. According to the Daily Mail, Prince Charles has his very own nickname for Meghan, and supposedly it’s meant to be complimentary.

Wait for it, it’s a doozy.

The Prince of Wales refers to the beloved Duchess as… ‘Tungsten’. ‘What the hell is tungsten?’ we hear you cry. Well, it happens to be a type of metal, in reference to her being ‘tough and unbending’. Yeah.

Wondering how it’s being spun as a positive? Well, according to the Mail On Sunday’s Charlotte Griffiths, a source said: ‘Prince Charles admires Meghan for her strength and the backbone she gives Harry, who needs a tungsten-type figure in his life as he can be a bit of a soft. It's become a term of endearment’

In that sense, we guess it’s kind of sweet?

Okay, moment for benefit of the doubt over, it really doesn’t sound that sweet.

While Meghan might take the nickname as a compliment, we can’t help feeling that if our father-in-law referred to us as a ‘tough and unbending’ metal, we would get to meme-level status of 'EXCUSE ME?'

Each to their own, Meg. At least it's not a shit metal like lead, that really would be scraping the barrel...

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