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Mindy Kaling Was Asked The Most Sexist Question During An Ocean's Eight Interview

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You hope, amongst all of the current movements for women’s equality, at a time when women are changing the law like on Saturday, that sexism is slowly being banished. You would think that we would have lost all optimism over the decades, but there’s still that glimmer of hope that what we’re doing right now is getting through to people. Then, you hear a story like Mindy Kaling’s and are reminded that oh no, there are still blatant sexists everywhere that we have to deal with every day.

Yeah. We’re confused too.

Her story was told on Late Night with Seth Meyers, where Mindy details an encounter with a male journalist during a press interview for Ocean’s Eight. Explaining the sexist encounter, she said:

‘When you’re doing these heist movies, everyone has their special power, which is why Debbie Ocean pulls us together to do this heist. In the movie, Anne plays an actress and Sarah plays a party promoter. With me, the male reporter was like, “Mindy, you play a jeweller. Now, you’re not married and you’ve never been engaged, so how do you know about diamonds?”’

And we’re not the only ones, Mindy was seemingly taken aback by the question, continuing, ‘he was basically like, “You’re a famous spinster…you’ve never been near a diamond before”. So, if you’re not married or engaged, you’ve never seen a diamond? He was so incredulous. He couldn’t put it together. He was basically like, “No man has ever loved you!”’

So essentially ladies, it doesn’t matter if your ludicrously successful in your career, and in Mindy’s case, extremely rich and famous, if you’re not going to get engaged, you’ll never see a diamond. You’re not allowed to buy yourself diamonds, hell, you’re not even allowed to buy yourself jewellery. That is a HUSBAND’S job. eye roll

Here’s to hoping the rest of the Ocean’s Eight press tour is as feminist as it is fashion fabulous, lord knows Mindy needs it after that shocker of an interview

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