When Meghan Markle Met Victoria Beckham: A Friendship Timeline

Posh, meet Princess.


by Grazia Contributor |

We love a celebrity friendship. We like to imagine what two A-Listers talk about when they're alone, if they stop off for a kebab on their way home from the Oscars, if they gossip about fancying Brad Pitt. So we obviously adore the fact that The Duchess of Sussex considers Victoria Beckham a good friend. The pair may now live on different sides of the Atlantic Ocean, but that doesn't mean they can't catch up. But how did it all get started, and what are their friendship milestones?

Apparently, Meghan and Victoria first bonded over a shared love of Sarah Chapman, a facialist who they both used. They were introduced, in private, by their partners, though: Prince Harry and David Beckham are firm friends and it all went from there.

In February of 2018, a source told Vanity Fair that they had bonded over fashion. 'They get along well and have been in touch recently,’ the insider said. ‘Meghan really likes Victoria’s style and was keen to pick her brains about pulling together a working wardrobe. She loves Victoria’s elegant but smart dresses, so expect her to wear one very soon.’

In April of 2018, the friendship was made official when Victoria and David attended Harry and Meghan's lavish wedding. The event did, however, shatter any hopes that Victoria had designed the dress. Speaking to The Guardian beforehand, Victoria said: 'I’m sure it will be a really fun wedding. But no, she hasn’t asked me to do the dress.' Oh well.

In September of 2019, Victoria spoke out in support of Meghan. ‘I liked what Meghan Markle said at the Fashion Awards,’ she told Glamour, referring to Meghan's appearance and speech at the December 2018 event. ‘That it used to be cool to be cruel, and now it’s cool to be kind. Kindness has always been at the core of girl power.'

Beyond that, their friendship has been represented mainly by fashion. Meghan wore a gorgeous VB cobalt blue dress to mark her return to the UK earlier this year. She has been seen in VB cashmere jumpers and handbags. And she wore a VB blouse to film a video for TIME Magazine.

While they are hardly calling each other every day, Grazia is informed that they are very fond of each other and are in contact. As Victoria and the rest of the family plan their future - with America on the top of their list - it's only a matter of time before they catch up in person post-lockdown. Oh to be a fly on that wall for their next sleepover.

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