Meghan Markle Just Made It Okay To Wear A Trench Coat On The Beach

Meghan Markle Just Made It Okay To Wear A Trench Coat On The Beach

    By Georgia Aspinall Posted on 18 Oct 2018

    You know that time of year when regardless of what you’re doing, how hot it is or where you’re going, you WILL wear a coat because “it’s coat weather”? That distinctly British trait that’s drummed into you throughout childhood, when you go shopping for your new Winter coat in September and have to wear it every day for the next six months regardless of whether the sun is shining. That’s Meghan Markle right now.

    The Duchess of Sussex, in potentially her most classic Brit move yet, wore a coat to the beach yesterday while on the third day of her Royal Tour. Not a cardigan, not a light jacket, a full trench coat. To the beach. In Australia. Where’s it’s currently 20 degrees Celsius.

    The staple of her Tourdrobe so far, Meghan’s Martin Grant nude trench was paired with a black Club Monaco dress and Rothy’s black flats. Basically, Meghan Markle is THAT friend that you tell “don’t dress up, it’s casual” and they turn up dressed for the Oscars (to be honest, same).

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    Harry’s wardrobe was also similarly unpractical, staying in the same suit from earlier but unbuttoning his shirt a bit, taking off his tie and switching his jacket to a lighter blue, more casual style. You know that classic business-meeting-to-beach look…

    While on the beach in Melbourne, the couple were greeted by volunteers from BeachPatrol and children from the area’s cleanup project. According to one of the lifeguards they met, who was star struck by Harry (because Royal Mania really is sweeping Australia), the pair had an awkward laugh in which Prince Harry commented on his big feet (?!).

    ‘You were built for lifeguarding,’ Harry apparently said, commenting on the lifeguards, Sebastian Topp’s, height. ‘He commented on my big feet,’ Sebastian told, ‘I just laughed, I was a bit shy… it’s a big deal [meeting royals].’

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    Yeah, we wouldn’t know what to say if Harry commented on our feet either to be honest. Either way, we can expect many more hilarious blunders as the rest of the tour continues. Plus, more strange beach ensembles very soon, as the couple head to Bondi Beach on Friday for a mental health initiative.

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