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Who Is Paying For Meghan Markle’s Fabulous Royal Wardrobe?

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Meghan Markle’s wardrobe has been the envy of many ever since she stepped out on Prince Harry’s arm and every item of clothing she’s ever wore seemed to go out of stock. The Meghan Effect has been in full force for the last year, with everyone eager to follow her style rules.

First came the Aritizia Beaune dress she wore to the Invictus Games, which sold out in hours. Then, the Strathberry handbag which was an instant sell out. More recently? The £45 Marks & Spencer knit jumper that continues to sell out whenever it’s restocked.

While Meghan often takes fancy to high street clothes, she does splash out on the designer items too. Most recently, she wore a ¢1000 Amanda Wakeley coat on her first official duty alongside Queen Elizabeth. In fact, the designer purchase had many people questioning who exactly pays for her royal wardrobe.

Unlike other celebrities, members of the Royal family aren’t allowed to accept designer clothing for free. Knowing this, PEOPLE has reported that both Meghan and Harry pay for their wardrobes themselves. Well, it’s hardly a surprise, Meghan was paid ¢50,000 per episode of Suits so it’s not as if she’s on a budget.

According to PEOPLE, Kate Middleton’s assistant Natasha Archer confirmed that royals call in several options from designers and are only able to choose one, which they must then pay for while the others are returned.

While Meghan budgets for her own fashion choices for official outings right now, once she marries Harry she will be privy to the ¢28 million income he, Prince William and Kate are given by Prince Charles.

Well, since she already wows in clothing like the ¢78,000 engagement dress, we can’t wait to see what she’ll be sporting after may 19th.

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