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Mandy Moore Met Her Fiancé On Instagram

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Forget bumping into someone at a bar or bonding at work, these days you’re more likely to find love swiping through Tinder or scrolling through Instagram.

And for celebrities, it’s a similar story. While we might imagine Hollywood couples getting together at an A-list party or being set up by their agent, it seems they also use their smartphones for dating.

Case in point: Mandy Moore. The actress and star of This Is Us has revealed that she met her fiancé Taylor Goldsmith via Instagram.

Moore got chatting to the Dawes musician back in 2015 when she posted a picture of his band via Instagram.

‘I took a picture of their album and posted it on Instagram. Somehow, Taylor saw it and sent a note to me. We started emailing back and forth, then we went on a date and the rest is history,’ Moore told People magazine.

Two years later and the couple are now engaged, and it’s all thanks to social media. The moral of the story? Instagram shouldn't just be reserved for stalking and uploading smug snaps of your holiday.

‘Thanks Instagram, for helping me meet my fiancé!’ Moore said.

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It wasn’t all plain sailing though with the couple spending long periods apart thanks to Moore being in LA filmingThis Is Usand Goldsmith on tour. However, this is where smartphones came in handy once again.

‘We spent hours FaceTiming each other. We fell in love before we’d even really held hands or kissed or anything. It was great.’

In the interview Moore spoke about finding happiness after a particularly tricky period.

‘I’m more grateful than I ever have been in my life. It’s a very happy time.’

The actress split from her husband of seven years, Ryan Adams in 2015 and also struggled to find her feet career wise.

‘I had a few years of just unhappiness. From a career perspective, I felt like I was barely treading water. I was really discouraged and dismayed at the sort of opportunities that weren’t presenting themselves any longer. That coincided with my personal life not being in a great place,’ Moore revealed.

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