Instagram Just Became A Lot More Like Snapchat

With two new features...

gigi hadid

by Danielle Fowler |

Ever since Instagram Stories launched, we haven't stopped snapping our brunches, tagging our friends in our latest purchases and updating our followers on our latest goings on.

And the social media platform has launched two new features which are set to make Stories even more interactive.

You will now not only be able to share a sequence of snaps but live video too. And just like Snapchat, the clips are only temporary, disappearing instantaneously. And interacting with your friends privately will become even easier with a second new feature.

Much like your beloved group WhatsApp, you can now send temporary photos and videos in a direct group chat.

Instagram Direct already has more than 300 million users every month and with the new ephemeral feature, the app is soon to become even more addictive.

Time to accept the dreaded software update...

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