Love Island’s Millie Court Reveals Surprising Beauty Product That Is Banned From The Villa

Plus she spills some SPF secrets...

millie court love island

by Aaliyah Harry |

Love Island 2022 is officially over *cue heart's breaking across the nation* and we are already missing our daily Reality TV fix. Who will call Ekin-Su a 'LIERRR' and an 'ACTRESS' in a sexy Italian accent now?

Although the season has come to a close, we are still more obsessed than ever with the show’s behind-the-scenes secrets. We want to know everything about the Islanders daily lives in the villa. Thankfully, Grazia caught up with 2021 Love Island champion Millie Court at the 2022 final and she revealed some more interesting behind the scenes gossip.

Whilst answering Grazia’s 10 hot questions, Millie was asked about some secret beauty secrets in the villa. We always see the islanders looking radiant and stunning on screen -  but how much do producers have to do with that? More than we thought apparently!

Millie was asked, ‘How often do you apply sunscreen in the villa, do producers ask you to top up your SPF?' She said, ‘We were in the villa between July and August and it was very very hot. If the producers felt like you hadn’t put enough [sun cream] on that day – they use the 'voice of God' to tell us that. She continued, 'The voice of God is a speaker that reaches across the whole villa, inside and out. The producers would shout out over the speaker, '"Guys can you top up your sunscreen?"'

Millie said most of the islanders stayed on top of it anyway, 'We were very protected and went through bottles and bottles of sunscreen in there.'

Mille was also quizzed about if there were any beauty products they were banned from bringing into the villa. She instantly revealed that fake tan is a big no no in the Love Island villa.

Millie said, ‘They [producers] are funny about you using fake tan. A lot of the girls who maybe didn’t tan as well wanted to wear fake tan and you had to really plead with them.’ Millie explained that when Chloe Burrows fake tanned it would stain the white bed sheets – which producers were not happy about.

‘They would only let her do it if we were due to change the bedsheets the next day – but that was it.’ So, there is more than meets the eye to ensuring the islanders are camera ready according to ex-islander Millie!

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