Kylie Jenner’s Take On Her Fallout With Jordyn Woods Is A Surprisingly Philosophical Musing On The Nature Of Modern Friendships

Is Kylie Jenner our new friendships guru???

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Out of all the people we’d turn to friendship advice for, Kylie Jenner probably isn’t the first person we’d ring while crying at 2am over a bottle of wine. (Sorry, Kylie!) But The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star really has proved herself to be incredibly mature when it comes to friendships - and when we say friendships, we mean the bond between her and ex-best friend Jordyn Woods, who did or didn't kiss Khloé’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

In a teaser for the latest episode of the hit reality series - obviously - Khloé asks Kylie whether she misses Jordyn, and whether there’s an opportunity of them ever becoming friends again. 'I think that this whole Jordyn situation needed to happen for a reason. For me, for her, for you, for everybody,’ Kylie calmly responded.

The 21-year-old then goes on to say that the whole debacle has made her more mature, as she grew up with Jordyn being a ‘security blanket.’ ‘She was my security blanket. She lived with me. We did everything together, I just felt like, “Oh, I have Jordyn. I don't need anything else. And I feel like there's a part of me that needed to grow without her. Sometimes people are there for certain reasons at certain times in your life and then not there for others.”’

So while it doesn’t sound like she’s ready to let Jordyn back into her life anytime soon, at least something beneficial has come from their relationship: Kylie has realised that, sometimes, friendships don’t last forever. And that's okay.

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