Kim Kardashian Makes Her Forbes Front Cover Debut – And Hits Back At Critics

Kim Kardashian Forbes

by Edwina Langley |
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If making it to the front cover of Forbes is officially 'making it', Kim Kardashian – officially – has it made...

This week the reality TV star appears on the front cover of the bi-weekly American business magazine as the subject of its lead feature – a coveted spot for any and every business brain.

Taking inspiration not from the reality TV show which propelled Kim to stardom (Keeping Up With The Kardashians, ovs), the article focuses on a much more lucrative part of the Kim Kardashian empire: her tech enterprises. To celebrate her successes within this field, Forbes labels her on its cover, one of the new 'Mobile Moguls'.

'The embodiment of the selfie era, [Kim] has stoked the notoriety she gained from a sex tape a decade ago by sharing almost every detail of her life,' the magazine writes.

Taking the example of Kim flicking through a binder of emoji designs (in front of the journalist), before deciding which should make the final cut and appear as an official 'Kimoji', Forbes observes: '... in obsessing over the details of an avatar Kardashian has stumbled into an entirely new way to monetize fame, and she’s been shrewd enough to capitalize on a massive scale.'

It goes on to examine Kim's mobile game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – the hugely popular app where players create their own celebrity and make friends with Kim, all in an attempt to get themselves onto the A-list.

Since it launched in June 2014, Kim's app has been downloaded 45 million times and made $160 million in revenue. As a result, the magazine estimates Kim personally has earned about $45 million. Which is no meagre amount, we surely all agree...

Is it therefore any wonder that following the publication of the article, Kim would be inspired to post this ecstatic tweet:

And as an afterthought, this bold and epic comeback to all her critics and doubters from both past and present:

Ha – that sure showed them!

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