Kim Kardashian Addresses Rumours About Her Marriage To Kanye

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

by Edwina Langley |
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It must be tough being Kim Kardashian sometimes; so many rumours flying around and no real way of dispelling them... err, WRONG!

If anyone knows how to get a message across about themselves – whatever it might be, 'I have nothing to wear', 'Take that, critics' – it's Kim. So it will surprise few that on Googling herself recently, and discovering a number of false 'headlines', Kim decided to set the record straight.

Posting a video to her website yesterday, Kim is filmed talking to her executive assistant Stephanie Shepherd about each claim and taking them down one by one.

For instance, on the rumour she 'stuffs her 55-inch cakes [bum] into a pair of jeans', Kim responded: 'My butt is not that big. I'd say it's about 12 inches off. It's def not 55 inches.'

That sorted that out.

Addressing the headline she once ignored her 2-year-old daughter, North, when she fell over, Kim said: 'North does this thing where she – if people are holding her hands she's just wants to be like: "swing me, carry me". She didn't stumble, she was just playing around so she didn't stumble.

'It was a picture of me not looking at her. I was like "Northy, come on, stop" and so I got my keys and I went to look forward and they got the picture of her being silly and her messing around and they were like "Kim doesn't even look around and she doesn't even care" but she [North] was just being silly.'

Another headline the reality TV star discovered in her Google search, alleged her marriage to singer Kanye West was on the rocks: 'Kim and Kanye's separate lives! Dark marriage secrets exposed in tell-all' it read.

'I've def had my fair share of like dramatic relationships', she admitted, 'but honestly this is the most calm - and it's like "nope" we are still together we are happy so there's really nothing to report on.'

She also said that the rumour she and Kanye are trying for a third child – to join their aforementioned daughter, North, and 4-month-old son, Saint – were only partially true. 'My husband might be trying for a third child but I am not - so I dunno maybe that's kinda true but maybe not really true.

'If it happened it happened but I don't think we are trying, so maybe it's not true.'

Finally, she slammed claims that Kylie is going to sue her for 'stealing' her style. 'Get a life, that's my sister!' she exclaimed.

'Like, we don't even argue, let alone to, like, sue a family member, that's ridiculous.'

She sure told them! Goes to show that the media can try to get one up on Kim, but she always comes out on top. Go Kim!

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