Dr Alex George Has Been Accused Of Cheating On Girlfriend Ellie Hecht

‘It’s wise not to judge situations that you do not understand,' he told followers.

ALex George Ellie Hecht cheating

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In a sea of ‘gaslighting’ Adam Collards and ‘game-playing’ Jake Cornishes, it was easy to root for Dr Alex George.

While he wasn’t exactly irresistible in the 2018 villa and his treatment of Alexandra Cane was questionable, he’s more than cast his reputation in gold since leaving the show, returning to his job as an NHS doctor at a South London hospital to fight from the Covid frontlines and last year being named as Ambassador for Mental Health by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

So we the collective public were thrilled for him when he finally found love with barrister’s clerk Ellie Hecht, going public with a cute pic from a cider farm in June 2021 (#firstdategoals). But just nine short months later and the fairytale has ended, fuelled in part by allegations that Alex had sexted multiple other women during his time with Ellie.

‘Alex cheated on Ellie very early on in their relationship but she chose to forgive him and move on,’ a source told The Sun last week.

‘She has really been his rock during a very difficult time for him and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, Alex went on to sext a number of other women during their relationship and it all came to a head when someone contacted Ellie and spilled the beans about what he had been up to.

But while Alex insisted he hadn’t slept with anyone else’ and for now reports are limited to the sharing of intimate messages, ‘Ellie is really struggling to believe him though because he was often away on work trips and messages showed him begging to meet girls in hotel rooms.’

Alex is yet to comment publicly on the allegations and on Sunday advised fans, ‘It’s wise not to judge situations that you do not understand.

‘Just a Sunday thought.’

Meanwhile Ellie has thanked followers for their messages of support but asked for privacy adding that ‘this has been a very difficult time for me’.

While having your love life scrutinised on a national scale is something of an occupational hazard of going on Love Island, and cheating allegations are a frequent (but ultimately entirely unsurprising) feature of former Islanders’ relationships, it would be unfair for this latest turn of events to tar Dr Alex’s hard work in recent years.

While he no doubt debates how to approach the rumours, this morning Alex platformed his own #PostYourPill campaign on his Instagram, where he encourages followers to post about the medication they use to manage their mental health with the view to destigmatize anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.

Speaking toGrazia back in February last year, Alex said the impact of the pandemic on our collective mental health had been ‘a strain’, and outlined his plans to hold the government to account for putting mental health care at the front and centre of policy, particularly for children.

‘I think, as adults, we are able to cope with things much better than children,’ he told us. ‘Children don't have the same coping mechanisms, or the understanding necessarily, to be able to deal with some situations,’ he adds, 'so they need support more than ever. And if you look at mental health, in children and young adolescents, we were facing a crisis before the pandemic. Rates of suicide are on the rise - anxiety, depression and eating disorders are all on the rise - so it was time we did something anyway.'

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