Love Island’s Dr Alex Returns To Active Duty

He’d prefer to be in the NHS doing doctor stuff than talking on TV about doctor stuff….

Love Island: Alex’s Privilege Is Beginning to Show, And It’s Not Pretty

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Dr Alex from Love Island is to return to his NHS role in a London A&E after a stint of using his post-island popularity to raise awareness of various sexual health issues.

The unlucky-in-love Clapham-based doctor (did we mention he's a doctor?) announced the big upheaval on his Instagram page

Soon, Dr Alex (who is a doctor) will return to his commute to work, his long shifts at Lewisham A&E, his time helping out people in great and immediate pain and shock. And it’s probably for the best that it’s him who’s the doctor of the series, not, say, semi-professional Jack Fowler, or else people all across south London would be deliberately injuring themselves in increasingly sordid ways for a chance to meet with the hunk.

Dr Alex’s future as an expert doctor on TV shows like This Morning is now doubtful - will he really have the time, between grueling shifts, to get it all done? Plus, will his time on the island come back to haunt him in any way, shape or form?

In a show punctuated by some nasty behaviour from the boys, Alex (yes, d-o-c-t-o-r-a-l-e-x) had a habit of acting a leeeetle entitled to each new woman who arrived, while seeking constant reassurance from similarly single Samira Mighty. And, in an episode when the Islanders were given plastic baby dolls to look after in a test of their potential parenting skills, he detailed a c-section and explained, very proudly, how important he was in the creation of a new baby. He told the Islanders: ‘At that moment, it’s your actions that have determined when the baby is born’. Which…sort of makes him centre of someone else’s story, doesn’t it? Fans of the show weren’t happy at the time:

Luckily for Alex, showing a bit of insensitivity doesn’t make someone a bad doctor. It does, though, make them a and influencer. As fellow Love Island alumni, Montana Brown, learned this week.

The influencer, who starred in 2017’s series has been called ‘patronising’ by fans after posting an image of her in a bikini.

You may not initially see where a complaint could come from, but if you dig deeper, you see that Montana’s humble-brag doesn’t account for the fact that she didn’t just become an influencer because she went to the gym a few times a week. It is Montana's incredible, undeniable natural talent - her beauty - that went some way to both a) her selection for Love Island b) her post-Island popularity.

Though her caption was well-intended, acknowledging the little people’s lives - it’s true, some people leave for work at 7.30am and only get home at gone 7pm! - she forgot the bit where most people know that a bit more time in the gym isn’t going to turn them into Montana Brown. If only!

Really, a bikini photo doesn't need to be that deep, and she should be able to post a photo of her looking fire without having to couch it in a kind, sweet platitudes about how much work it takes to look that great. But of course, how happy would her followers be with an bold, brash, brag?

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