The Best Behind-The-Scenes Instagrams From The Oscars

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One of the best things about any awards ceremony is the glamour, and there is no night more glamorous than the Oscars.

A-listers will have been prepping for weeks, even months, in the lead up to the event. Every detail is meticulously picked out, from the hair and make-up to the jewellery and the all-important dress, and the finished product is near perfection.

What we don't usually see though (but what many of us are most interested in) is the behind-the-scenes prep and pampering. We're guessing it looks a little more organised than our bedrooms do when our group of girls are getting ready for a night out (i.e. chaos), but, maybe not...

Thanks to social media, we are given an insight into just what goes on off the red carpet, and just how big an A-list glam squad really is...

Naomie Harris

Naomie showed just how much prep goes into an event like the Oscars, and it looks like it involves a load of multi-tasking and a whole entourage.

celebrity instagram
celebrity instagram

Emma Roberts

Stylist @kakeykake showed us just how Emma prepares for the show.

celebrity instagram

Emma then posted an Instagram of her standing alongside the captured moment when her aunt Julia Roberts won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2001 for her performance in Erin Brockovich.

emma roberts

Janelle Monáe

Janelle posted a series of Instagrams of her preparation for the big night, which included her snacking on a Oreo, of course.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel wanted that post-ceremony pizza, so she worked for it.

She then posted an Instagram of her 'magicians', aka her glam squad, before the show.

celebrity instagram

Hair stylist @hairbyadir (also responsible for the gorgeous Oscars looks of Kirsten Dunst and Rooney Mara) showed himself putting the finishing touches to Jessica's do.

jessica biel

Emma Stone

Emma's make-up artist @rachel_goodwin took to Instagram to share a picture of her putting the finishing touches to Emma's perfect Oscars look, with the caption: 'Painting some brick lips on this goddess tonight. #emmastone you couldn't be more beautiful if you tried.'

celebrity instagram

Jimmy Kimmel

Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel engaged in a bit of good-humoured vandalism in the lead up to the show.

celebrity instagram

Heidi Klum

Heidi posted a timelapse on her Instagram to show what it takes her team to get her glammed up for the evening.

Busy Phillipps

Busy shared a picture of Selma Hayek photobombing her and Michelle Williams while sat watching the ceremony.

celebrity instagram

Amy Schumer

'What to wear?' Amy Schumer asked Instagram the day before the big event.

amy schumer

Scarlett Johansson

Make-up artist to Scarlett Johansson @frankieboyd demonstrated a NARS obession.

scarlett johansson

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