The Biggest Talking Point Of The Oscars: Nicole Kidman’s Clapping

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by Ellie Wiseman |
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Last night’s Oscars ceremony was not short of blunders - well, you could say the entire glitzy sheen of the ceremony was stained by the misreading of the Best Picture Award. But aside from that mortifying moment, and aside from Jimmy Kimmel’s trolling of Trump and the political undertones running throughout, there was something else that captured the Internet’s attention: Nicole Kidman’s abnormal clapping.

Nicole Kidman has made a few award-ceremony slip-ups in the past – namely being odd at the recent Golden Globes ceremony – so it’s no wonder that the cameras have been locked onto her like a magnet in the hope of catching any bizarre behaviour.

And last night it paid off, as footage of Nicole clapping sent the Internet into meltdown. The important discussion that stormed Twitter last night was completely apolitical - the question: has Nicole Kidman forgotten how to clap?

Kidman, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her stunning performance in Lion, was likened to Dr. Seuss’ character The Grinch – her long, spindly fingers bent outwards with only the palms making contact - and others saw seal-like qualities.

Here are the best reactions of the moment:

Some made reference to the Oscars in 2015...

And some came to her defence...

Winona who?

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