Jimmy Kimmel Brought ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ To The Oscars And It Was Priceless

Eddie Redmayne Mean Tweets

by Rebecca Cope |
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Jimmy Kimmel brought his famous 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets' to the Oscars last night, and boy are we glad he did.

The host-with-the-most asked Oscar-nominees and attendees including Ryan Gosling, Natalie Portman and Felicity Jones to read some of the cruelest things said about them online, but all of them took it in good spirit, of course.

'Oh, look at me, I’m Ryan Gosling. I have perfect bone structure and kind eyes,' Gosling delivered in his usual deadpan. 'Go f*ck yourself, Ryan Gosling.' Bit harsh...

One of the strangest ones was read by Felicity Jones, who one Tweeter thought was identical to The Theory of Everything co-star Eddie Redmayne: 'Are we all just ignoring the fact that Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones have the same face?'

But that was nothing compared to the one that Redmayne got, which oozed vitriol: 'Dear Eddie Redmayne I hate your stinking guts you make me vomit you're the scum between my toes.' Although he managed to raise a smile at the nasty outburst.

It was a similar story for Emma Stone, who read: 'Emma Stone looks like a crack whore, in every role she plays.'

While Natalie Portman had the last laugh with her Tweet:'I feel like if you went to lunch with Natalie Portman, she would only order a hot tea with lemon and maybe some toast. Definitely not an entrée though,' said the Jackie actress, before turning to the side to show-off her huge baby bump, quipping 'You're wrong...'.

Watch it in all its glory below.

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