Turns Out Barack Obama Isn’t Missing Presidency As Much As We Miss Him

Joe Biden, you may want to look away now (it looks like Barack has a new BFF)...


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On 20 January, the Obama family packed their belongings into White House removal vans and bid farewell to the home they shared for the past eight years.

Donald Trump was sworn in as 45th President of the United States and we collectively mourned the loss of 'Joebama', the world renowned ‘mic drop’ and Obama’s legendary dad dancing. But it turns out Obama isn’t missing presidency as much as we’re missing him...

Something tells us that Obama isn't missing presidency as much as we miss him... ©Getty

It was reported that the former president fled the country just hours after the inauguration of Trump. Who can blame him? And after a quick vacay in a Palm Springs mansion (what else?), the former First Family headed to Sir Richard Branson’s private island of Necker by private jet.

Barack enjoys kitesurfing in the Caribbean ©Getty

And with a 74-acre stretch of sparkling white sands and infinity pools galore, Barack is finally taking the break he deserves. What with the threat of terrorism and global climate change, the former president hasn’t had much time for a quick getaway over the past eight years...

Barack has been taking full advantage of the watersports on offer at Branson's resort ©Getty

But he’s finally managed to let his hair down as it's clear that he's taken full advantage of the watersports on offer at Branson’s resort.

And the one talent Barack possesses (other than being the former leader of the free world), is his ability to work as a desirable muse for thousands of internet memes. You thought the Joebama spin-offs were works of art? Well, take a look at these viral crackers:

Via @joebamabromance ©Getty

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