Barack Obama Just Gave Us His ‘Last Dad Joke’ As President

That's one way of making sure we know Obama's out...


by Danielle Fowler |
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Over the past eight years, Barack Obama has proven himself worthy enough for us to nominate him as one of the coolest presidents/dads there has ever been.

From his enviable squad (Barack has been known to hang out with the likes of Beyoncé and Jay Z), to his dad dancing (did you catch the clip of him making shapes with Usher?) - Obama never fails to make us smile.

And with just days left of his presidency, Obama has gifted us with one final dad joke. And it's as brilliant as you would expect.

Yesterday, the Curiosity Rover (AKA a NASA spacecraft) Twitter account, posted a TBT photo dating back to 2012. The image depicts a plaque which was signed by Obama before being sent to Mars. And Barack retweeted the picture with the pun: 'That is out of this world'.

Via [@whitehouse*]

The White House then went on to share the tweet via Instagram with the caption, 'One last dad joke'.

Forget Spotify Barack, you should come write for us. Here at Grazia HQ we know a good pun when we see one..

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