This Serum Is Being Touted As ‘Botox In A Bottle’. 4 Women Put It To The Test

Emma Lewisham Super Elixir

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As a beauty editor, one of the most common questions I get asked is: ‘what cream will reverse my wrinkles?’ Surely, the golden ticket for skincare makers is to produce a product that is, essentially, Botox in a bottle. I defer to skincare expert - and voice of beauty reason - Caroline Hirons who once told me, ‘it’s a cream. Not a plastic surgeon.’

Most skincare experts agree that serums, moisturisersand topical skincare don’t compare to the skin smoothing effects of muscle relaxing injectables. ‘Wrinkles and lines are a natural part of the ageing process as collagen and elastin breakdown,’ explains aesthetician and founder of Black Skin Directory Dija Ayodele, **‘**so we cannot reverse them via a topical cream.’

The thing is, many people don’t fancy going down the injectable route. And while getting older is a joy and a privilege, we’re still allowed to want our skin to look its best.

The good news is that while topical creams are unlikely to reverse a wrinkle, certain ingredients can increase the production of collagen, the thing that gives your skin firmness and elasticity. Products packed with peptides and collagen stimulators are proven to help soften and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skincare sceptics roll their eyes when products claim to ‘reduce wrinkles overnight.’ More often than not I fall into this camp too. However, recently a product landed on the beauty desk that piqued my interest with its claim: ‘Scientifically proven to reduce muscle contractions responsible for wrinkles by 91% after 24 hours.’

Enter, the Emma Lewisham Super Natural Elixir, £85. A super strength serum that uses a combination of peptides and hyaluronic acid to, according to the brand, ‘target neuroinhibitors to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and intensely hydrates the skin.’

The New Zealand based luxury skincare brand has been slowly gaining cult status thanks to its position as a science-backed natural skincare brand that follows through on its promise to be truly sustainable. The green credentials are impressive. They were the first beauty brand to be carbon positive, every product is refillable and they work with Terracycle to ensure anything that does need to be recycled is done so - properly.

However, a brand can be as green as they come but the products still need to deliver. So, I asked 4 women with different skin types and ages to put the Emma Lewisham Super Natural Elixir to the test. And, the results are in…

The secret to refreshed skin

This Emma Lewisham Face Elixir uses neuropeptides to relax the appearance of lines and wrinkles and is proven to inhibit the muscle contractions responsible for fine lines and wrinkles by up to 91% after 24 hours, while providing an instant filling effect and rebuilding the underlying skin structure for long term wrinkle resistance.


  • Scientifically proven to relax the muscle contractions responsible for wrinkles by up to 91% after 24 hours (independent in-vitro research, 2024)
  • Hydrates and plumps the skin
  • Suitable for mature skin


  • Strong scent

Hattie Brett, Grazia’s Editor in Chief

‘I turned 40 last year and swore to myself I’d start to get serious about skincare. Not least, because I’m holding out from trying injectables so I’m keen to explore the best lotions and potions I can get my hands on. When I met the eponymous skincare founder Emma Lewisham at an event recently she told me about her latest product, a super serum that she referred to as  ‘Botox in a bottle’. It seemed like a no-brainer to try it. I’m already a fan of her products, because they’re made with sustainability at their core. That doesn’t just mean refillable bottles, but natural skincare that’s made without synthetic fragrances or preservatives – something that, as I begin to be more conscious about my body, I’m increasingly looking for.

I’ve now been using the Face Elixir for 6 weeks – both morning and night - and I’m really impressed. Initially, I was using it all over my face, but as it’s quite a thick product (a little goes a long way, I’ve found) I started tailoring it around areas where I felt my fine lines needed targeting and where I wanted to see more plumpness. For me, that was my forehead and around the eyes. I’ve been super religious: putting it on after cleansing (shout out to the Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil) and following up with SPF and a moisturiser. Now, maybe it’s as much about the fact that I’ve stuck to a skincare regime for 8 weeks (I’m naturally up and down with my routine, depending on how tired/stressed I am that week), but I can honestly say I’ve noticed a difference in my skin. It’s not a miracle cure: my lines haven’t disappeared, but I do think they’re minimised and moreover my skin looks plumper and more glowy. I’ve had various people ask me if I’ve been on holiday – always a tell-tale sign that something skincare wise is working. And the biggest compliment I can give this serum is that I look far less tired! My only criticism is that it’s a little too fragrant smelling for my liking. But I’ll get over that for the impact. Will I carry on using it? Absolutely.’

Renee Washington, Digital Fashion & Beauty Assistant

‘Given that I’m still in my early twenties and I don’t have any significant wrinkles (yet!), this product isn’t specifically targeted to me. However, as a beauty journalist, I'm always interested in exploring new skincare innovations and understanding how they might benefit different skin types and concerns.

My main concern is hyperpigmentation, and with so many skin actives in the formula I was intrigued to see whether it made any difference. In terms of enjoyablity factor it hits the spot. The creamy consistency (thicker than your average serum, lighter than most moisturisers) instantly hydrated my skin. I used it alongside my usual Tatcha Matcha Cleanser and Bubble Skincare Moisturiser.

After just two uses I noticed some improvement in skin texture and hydration. Impressive. I can’t claim that I saw a drastic reduction in wrinkles, but then that’s not what I was using it for. Would I recommend it? Well, I’ve given it to my Mum to try so make of that what you will.’

Cassie Steer, Acting Head of Beauty

‘As a (very well seasoned) beauty editor I’ve lost count of the number of ‘botox-in-a-bottle’ claims I’ve seen over the years and if anything, I find them a bit of a turn-off. Ultimately nothing can replicate the nerve-blocking prowess of botulinum toxin and quite frankly you wouldn’t want them to outside of the clinic. However, I do like a stat and the ‘scientifically proven to reduce muscle contractions responsible for wrinkles by 91%’ lured me in. I’m a huge fan of peptides and use some form of peptide serum every night so integrating the Supernatural Vitale Elixir into my regime was pretty seamless. The lightweight, creamy formula is easy to apply and has a pleasant whiff of something almost sandalwood-y, providing just the right amount of hydration that I didn’t feel the need to top up with a moisturiser. I can genuinely say that come morning my skin did look smoother as if I’d applied a super-fine layer of translucent powder over it but it’s harder to substantiate the muscle-relaxing claims. As a 47 year old I definitely have ageing skin but wrinkles aren’t necessarily my primary concern so it would be interesting to see the effects on someone with deeper lines. In any case, I like what it’s doing for my skin so far so will carry on slathering.’

Sameeha Shaikh, Beauty Writer

‘I have sensitive, acne-prone skin so I’m fairly  reluctant to try potent formulas, but I couldn't resist putting those big (big!) claims from evidence-based, natural skincare brand Emma Lewisham to the test.

Scientifically proven to reduce muscle contractions responsible for wrinkles by 91% after just 24 hours. It sounds too good to be true. And, the before and after images from the brand are, I have to admit, impressive.

I'm 30, and while fine lines aren't yet a concern, hydration, texture and plumpness are. To me, these are the benchmarks for healthy-looking skin. After trialling the product every night for around two weeks,  alongside my fuss-free cleanser and protective ceramide-based moisturiser, I’ve been struck by one thing in particular. The gentle, lightweight formula. Usually I find active-based products to be heavy but this was refreshingly, er, refreshing. My skin looks well rested - another hallmark of healthy skin - and while I can't attest to the bold skin physiology claims I can confirm that there’s certainly a bit more life in my complexion. The best bit? It didn't break me out, meaning I can continue using it.’

How does Emma Lewisham Supernatural Vitale Face Elixir Work?

It has a specialised pairing of collagen-stimulating peptides which are encapsulated and protected by phytocompounds and 24 carat gold, these work to harness the skin’s own reparative system to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. With long term use, the underlying structure of the skin is reinforced for a smoother and firmer complexion.

How To Use Emma Lewisham Supernatural Vitale Face Elixir

Directly after cleansing, apply elixir generously to the face. To use as a targeted treatment, you can apply directly to areas of concern, however preventative action is most effective when elixir is applied to the full face. Use in the morning and night for optimal results.

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