These £22 De-Puffing Face Masks Are Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret

Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston and Margot Robbie have been fans for years

111 skin face masks celebrities

by Laura Capon |

Whether they do it to unwind or to prep for a big red carpet event, celebrities love a face mask moment and there is one brand in particular that's often seen in the glam chair.

If you want some names we're talking Dua Lipa, Victoria Beckham, Margot Robbie, Jennifer Aniston, Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Ashley Graham and Kim Kardashian.

I mean at this point really the question should be, who doesn't use these masks.

111Skin is the brand with the cult celebrity following who specialise in bio cellulose sheet masks after their founder Dr Yannis witnessed its healing benefits in wound repair.

When founding his skincare brand, Dr Yannis combined the benefits of bio cellulose and hydro gel and 111Skin's range of masks were born.

While my personal favourite has to be the Sub-Zero De-Puffing range, which is not only instantly cooling, making it ideal for this record-breaking weather, but also contains caffeine to de-puff even more. There are 6 other ranges to choose from.

The Celestial Black Diamond might be the most recognisable, as these are the under eye masks you may have spotted the likes of Dua Lipa wearing, but there's also Rose Gold Brightening, Anti-Blemish an even Maskne Protection among the range.


111 skin face masks celebrities
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The Celestial Black Diamond Eye Masks have been spotted in the glam chair on the likes of Dua Lipa and it's not surprising looking at their retinol and niacinamide packed ingredient list for tackling fine lines and brightening.

111 skin face masks celebrities
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My personal favourite and also Jennifer Aniston's choice of pre-carpet prep. If you've had a bad night's sleep, feel overheated or just want an overall de-puffing, this is the one for you.

 111 skin face masks celebrities
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If you don't want to splash the cash on a whole box of masks, Cult Beauty also sell them individually. As well as brightening this Rose Gold version helps minimise lines and restore and protect your all-important skin barrier.

111 skin face masks celebrities
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We know how much Kim Kardashian loves her face and body treatments so it's hardly surprising that she took a selfie wearing this firming mask which helps improve skin elasticity.

111 skin face masks celebrities
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If sheet masks aren't your thing, 111Skin also sell their iconic masks in a tube. This Oxygen Express Mask refreshes, brightens and helps improve your skin barrier function.

111 skin face masks celebrities
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If you haven't got the time or inclination to mask at all, you can reap the same benefits from their serums which match the masks in the range.

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