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How To Find The Perfect Foundation For Mature Skin

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Mature skin has its own specific set of concerns, meaning that when fine lines start to show, you might find your old faithful foundation just doesn't make the grade any more. Finding the best foundation for mature skin can be a challenge, BUT the solution is simple: all you have to do is upgrade it to a product that has been made with older skin in mind.

For ageing skin, a formula that's suitable for dry complexions, leaving skin even and glowing without emphasising wrinkles, is the holy grail. Luckily, there's plenty of new formulas out there which moisturise as well as offering full coverage all day long. Whether you're over 40, 50, 60 or 70, the perfect formula for you is certainly out there.

From the high street drug store to the beauty hall, brands at every end of the price spectrum from L'Oreal to La Prairie have launched foundations within the last year which incorporate anti-ageing benefits for older skin types. These new launches help to reduce fine lines and rehydrate skin, whilst also giving great coverage.

To help you choose a foundation which caters to your mature skin concerns, we quized Lancome make-up artist Shehla Shaikh...

When should you start using an anti-ageing foundation?

‘Everyone’s skin ages at different times – if you’re finding your skin is feeling drier and fine lines are looking more visible with your regular foundation it’s a good time to take another look at your skincare routine and change your make up accordingly,’ Shehla explains. So, there’s no hard and fast rules about when to swap your foundation, although many women decide to make a change once they enter their 50s.

What's the main thing to look for in a foundation for mature skin?

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‘The key things you need to consider with choosing an anti-ageing foundation for mature skin are texture and light - anything too matte and full coverage will age the skin as it gives a flattening effect. So it's important to use light-reflecting products with a dewy, fresh finish,’ says Shehla.

What's the best foundation for mature skin?

We love By Terry’s Terrybly Densiliss Wrinkle Control Serum Foundation, £78, as well as Lancome’s radiance-boosting Teint Miracle, £30. If you're on a budget, Maybelline's Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation is also a great pick at £6.99.

What's the best way to prep mature skin before applying foundation?

Making sure that skin is hydrated and primed before putting on foundation is a key step in any beauty routine, but it’s particularly important for older complexions. 'Using super serum Advanced Genefique is an absolute must under your moisturiser – it’s anti-ageing benefits and luminosity really lift the complexion and makeup goes on easier. I love to mix a drop of this with a radiance foundation such as Teint Miracle or Teint Visionnaire,' Shehla reveals.

Which ingredients and formulas work best with mature skin?

Light, moisture rich formulas work well for mature skin - using CC City Miracle Cream as a moisturiser and foundation will balance and brighten the complexion giving a lifting effect. A light, dewy liquid compact such as Miracle Cushion foundation are also ideal for an easy application with a sponge.

What's the best way to apply foundation to mature skin?

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'It’s important to strike a balance between a matte and dewy finish, by using a brush for a liquid foundation and using a smaller quantity to avoid overloading the skin. My trick is to use Advanced Génefique Serum, £59, on clean skin followed by light-weight Teint Visionnaire foundation. Use a little Belle de Teint hydrating powder on the t-zone to seal any shine.'

Face primers for mature skin

When it comes to mature skin, prepping the complexion before applying your foundation is absolutely crucial, making a primer an essential pre make-up step. We'd recommend a radiance-boosting formula that adds a subtle glow and blurs out imperfections: try Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer - Radiance, £30,, or Charlotte Tilbury's Wonderglow, £38.50,

Here are our favourite radiance-boosting foundations for mature skin...

So there you have it, everything you need to know about how to prep, prime and paint mature skin for that perfect radiant glow.