‘They’re The Healthiest They’ve Ever Been’: The £12 Nail Product Saving TikTok’s Nails

This alternative to acrylic and SNS looks salon-worthy

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by Phoebe Lee |

In pursuit of healthier, stronger nails? If you book in for acrylics or SNS regularly, they can be hard to come by. While acrylics themselves shouldn't damage your natural nail, poor application and removal can and many devotees suffer with dry and brittle natural nails as a result.

At-home nail care hit the big time in 2020 and 2021 when salons closed during a series of on-and-off lockdowns, and the masses turned their attention to DIY alternatives.

TikTok - as always - was ahead of the game, and quickly discovered a £12 nail buy that many are claiming has altered their nail health for the better.

Mylee's Builder Gel, £12, is billed as an at-home gel alternative. You need an LED lamp to cure each coat, much like the polishes manicurists use in salons - shop the best LED nail lamps here - and offers a gel-like finish without the need for a base coat or top coat.

WATCH: Mylee's Builder Gel Application

The Builder Gel can be bought in four shades: Clear, White, Light Pink and Peach, which happen to all work perfectly for a French mani. It's unclear exactly how the polish itself works to strengthen and lengthen nails, but providing you apply as per instructions and remove with Mylee's 1-step Magic Gel Remover, £9.99 - which is also having a moment on TikTok - it seems to get results. TikTokers are claiming the polish has transformed their nail health.

You can shop Mylee's Builder Gel and LED lamp, below.

Main image credits: TikTok @dee_barnhurst, @myleebeautyofficial

Shop: Mylee's Builder Gel


SHOP: Mylee's Builder Gel and LED Lamp

Mylee 5-in-1 Builder Gel Peach, £12
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Mylee Builder Gel Collection, £43
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Mylee 36W UV Lamp
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