The 7 Different Nail Shapes: Find What Suits You

The 7 Different Nail Shapes: Find What Suits You

    By Ellie Wiseman Posted on 30 Mar 2017

    When it comes to your fingers, there are many different types of nail shapes you can choose from. Whereas once, you’d answer your manicurist’s ubiquitous question of ‘square or round’ decisively before getting on to the business of picking a nail polish colour, these days things are a little more complicated, thanks to the emergence of a whole new host of nail trends (blame Instagram if you will).

    Whether you prefer to shape your nails yourself at home or treat yourself to a manicure at the salon works better for you, the main seven types of nail shapes you can opt for are: oval, almond, square, squoval, coffin (also known as ballerina), stiletto (or pointed nails) and that old friend, round.

    Confused? We’ve broken down each style so you can find the one that suits you best. Whether you have long and spindly fingers or your digits are short and stubby and you need guidance on short nail shapes, we have you covered.

    See below for the definitive guide to nail shapes.

    Nail Shapes Chart

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    Nail Shape: Oval (U Shaped Nail)

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    Nail Shape: Oval (U Shaped Nail)

    Overview: feminine, classy, classic.Wear if: you have shorter fingers or shorter hands with wide, stubby nail beds, as an oval shape will create the illusion of length. It’s also a good shape on longer fingers that have wide and short/stubby nail beds.Best with: nail art.

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    Nail Shape: Almond

    Overview: glamorous, chic, feminine.Wear if: you have long or short fingers but your nail beds are narrow and long.Best with: plain, shiny and metallic polish colours.

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    Nail Shape: Square

    Overview: stylish, clean-cut, low-maintenanceWear if: you have long fingers and long, narrow nail beds.Best with: block, bold polish colours.

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    Nail Shape: Squoval

    Overview: classic, natural, suits all.Wear if: if your nail beds are wide and long. Squoval nail shapes will look good on short or long fingers.Best with: geometric nail art.

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    Nail Shape: Coffin/Ballerina

    Overview: chic, glamorous, high-maintenance.Wear if: you suit square or squoval shapes (narrow and long nail beds).Best with: tidy and unchipped acrylic nail shapes with pale polish colours.

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    Nail Shape: Stiletto/Pointed

    Overview: loud, high-maintenance, elongates hands.Wear if: you have time/money for upkeep, and want to make a statement.Best with: elborate and pretty (and unchipped) nail designs.

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    Nail Shape: Round

    Overview: tidy, elegant, elongates shorter fingers.Wear if: you have short fingers with short or narrow nail beds.Best with: any shade of polish or left unpainted.

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