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The Best Christmas Nails - Designs, Ideas, & How To Get The Look

Nail The Perfect Christmas Mani With Our Pick Of The Best Festive Nails

It’s that time of year again, where we trade in our pastel pink polishes for something with a little more pizzazz. Think bright berry hues, lots of glitter and some adorable festive nail art. We’ve spoken to nail guru and founder of AMA, Ama Quashie, to get her top tips and recommendations so we can nail the perfect Christmas mani…

The best Christmas nails colour

‘For me, a metallic finish has to be the ultimate Christmas nail because it’s so versatile,’ explains Ama Quashie, ‘it can be anything from a purposefully kitsch metallic red, to a subtle frosted silver, or my favorite – an expensive 70’s-esque chocolate brown.’ And even the most novice nail-painter can get the look, just apply two coats of your chosen metal polish and finish with a top coat. We love Kure Bazaar in Or Rose and Or Bronze, £15 each.

Christmas nails with glitter

With nearly 40,000 hashtags on social media, #glitterombre nails are having a bit of a moment. And for good reason too, a little dusting of silver sparkle fading down a pale nude base looks so effortlessly chic and festive. But just how easy is it to recreate? ‘Glitter ombre is a lot easier than most people would assume’, Ama reassures us, ‘tool wise, you’ll need a base coat, a top coat, three glitter polishes, and a sponge.’ First step? ‘Prep the nails with a base coat, then dip your sponge in the palest glitter and cover the entire nail.’ Next step, ‘use a slightly darker/brighter glitter and repeat the process starting from the middle of your nail down to the tip. Finish with the darkest and most dense glitter to sponge the tips.’ Try OPI I Pull The Strings, £13.50, on a nude base. Top trick? ‘Always use a top coat at the end to diffuse the different glitters and give that lovely high-shine glossy finish.’

The best Christmas red colours for your nails

Rich plum and bright berry-hues say instant Christmas. ‘When it comes to deep shades, precision is key,’ states Ama Quashie, ‘you want to make sure the colour doesn’t bleed onto the cuticle and is perfectly applied.’ For this, try painting 2-3 thin, even coats to build the colour up slowly. Ama suggests ‘paint a nail shape onto the nail rather than filling the entire nail bed with colour and leave a slight gap around the cuticle.’ If you have a tendency to colour outside the line ‘dip a clean concealer brush in acetone and sweep the unwanted varnish away.’ Go bold with a happy red like Chanel's Le Vernis in Flamboyance, £22, or try Essie's warm, rich plum Bahama Mama Nail Polish, £7.99.

Christmas Nail Art Stickers And Transfers

If you need a quick fix, look no further than nail art stickers and transfers. ‘The key to having natural looking stick-ons is sizing,’ says Ama, ‘measure up each sticker against your own nail to ensure it fits.’ For oval shaped nails, try Kiss Active Oval Nails, £6.49, or if you prefer an almond or stiletto shape go for Elegant Touch, from £6.59.

Christmas Nail Art Ideas

To take the fun factor up a level, why not go for some festive nail art for the holiday season? From glitter and stars to cute gingerbread men and trees, we’ve rounded up the best Christmas nail ideas that cover every ability level from total beginner to surgical precision. Click through the gallery for more...