Fenty Eau De Parfum Has Launched In The UK; Here’s Everything You Need To Know

We predict a sellout

Rihanna Fenty Beauty Perfume

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Fenty's first fragrance, Fenty Eau de Parfum, has dropped, people. Here's everything you need to know...

No Fenty launch goes by un-hyped, and this perfume is sure to be no exception. Rihanna reportedly sets a lot of store by scent, and a little intense sleuthing by her fans in 2016 revealed that her favourite perfume at the time was Love, Don't Be Shy by Killian. It's a sweet, indulgent blend of neroli, orange blossom and even marshmallow. For Fenty's first step into the fragrance arena, we can expect something similarly floral (scroll down for more details).

For far too long, Fenty's fragrance has existed as a stateside exclusive. But now? Rhianna has finally sent Fenty Eau de Parfum across the pond. Eager to snap a bottle up? Read on for all the need-to-know details...

When can I buy Fenty's Eau de Parfum in the UK?

From Monday, 6th December! The brand have limited quantities of the scent, so you'll have to be quick. Sign up here to be notified by email when another batch drops.

Fenty Eau de ParfumFenty

What does it smell like?

If you've got a nose that can differentiate musk from patchouli, you might want to know the notes going on in the juice. Fenty's Eau de Parfum has notes of magnolia, musk, patchouli, rose, blueberry and tangerine.

Here are some first-hand accounts from American TikTokers, who have had far more time to get acquainted with Rhianna's newest fragrance than we have.

Now, we wait for UK TikTok users to upload their verdict on the scent. See you at the checkout...

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