TikTok’s Newest Fascination Is With Looking ‘Clean’ (This Tutorial With 8.2m Views Says So)

Consider it a refresh on 'no make-up' make-up

Clean makeup look

by Phoebe Lee |

Another TikTok trend has hit the big time, and it's all about looking 'clean.' The trend isn't dissimilar to Gen Z's favourite aesthetic: the Glossier girl - a look that puts no make-up, make-up on a pedestal. For TikTok looking 'clean' is all about appearing polished and groomed in a very effortless way - it's an 'I've just got out of the shower and could only be bothered to slick my hair back into a bun' kind of vibe. It seems, if just momentarily, that TikTok users are putting down their 35-pan eyeshadow palettes en masse. Welcome to the new era of bare skin, fluffy brows, and fluttery lashes.

Slicked back hair is apparently key to achieving the look - man inclusive trend? We think not.

SPF is a must. Use one that doubles up as a glowy primer. A lot of TikTok users favour Supergoop!'s Glowscreen SPF30 (below), a sunscreen which illuminates skin as well as protects it. The fresh-faced look also lies in the targeted concealer application. Instead of coverage all over the face, apply a small amount directly to areas that you'd like to conceal. Let natural skin peek through, in all of its textured, pigmented, and unfiltered glory.

Chic. You can shop everything that you might need to look 'clean' - or, as we'd prefer to call it, fresh-faced - here.


SHOP NOW: 'Clean' Make-Up

Supergoop! Glow Screen SPF30, £15
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The SPF in the 8.5m viewed TikTok. This SPF is smart: lightweight, luminous, and gives a healthy amount of sun protection. Wearing SPF every day has never been easier.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter, £34
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Part highlighter, part foundation, part primer. This multi-functional product is a true workhorse, that you can use in any way you please. For a no-makeup look, apply to the high points of the face to accentuate bone structure and enhance glow.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze, £23
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A genius clear brow wax that delivers unparalleled hold to unruly brows.

Trinny London Lip2Cheek, £25
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This pot of creamy goodness is a 'clean make-up' dream. Swipe across lips and cheeks for a nonchalant, just-been-kissed glow.

John Frieda Frizz Eaze Weightless Wonder Smoothing Creme, £6.99
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Slick, scraped back hair is key to looking 'clean' (and admittedly, it does look polished). If you don't want to douse your hair in gel, turn to this wonderstuff. It can be used on wet or dry hair, but to tame flyaways, dispense a tiny amount into the palm of the hand and scrape back those hairs with a spoolie (or your fingers).

Lottie London Freckle Tint, £6.95
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If you want to wear foundation but still look natural, turn to this genius freckle tint. This one has a tiny, fine-tipped brush that helps to create natural-looking freckles. Dot across the nose and face and pat down with your finger. Crucially, the colour of this product is also neutrally toned (not too warm and orange, not too cold and ashy).

Victoria Beckham Beauty Future Lash Mascara, £26
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Choose a mascara that won't make lashes look overdone. Future Lash's bristle wand makes lashes appear fluttery, lifted and separated (read: not a clump in sight).

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