Sarah Jessica Parker Wears This £16.50 Blusher In And Just Like That And It’s Available To Shop Now

Head make-up artist Sherri Berman Laurence discusses the product that gives Carrie her signature glow

Sarah Jessica Parker

by Phoebe Lee |

So much has changed since Carrie Bradshaw first appeared on screen in 1998. The new HBO reboot And Just Like That might still feature the Manolo's and Cosmopolitan cocktails that became synonymous with Sex And The City, but the beauty trends and make-up looks have evolved alongside its characters.

Rewind back to those vintage SATC days and there are myriad 90s beauty trends on show to revisit. Some of them great - you've got to love that noughties gloss - and some of them not so great - barely there brows, we're looking at you.

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Harper's Bazaar spoke to head of make-up for And Just Like That, Sherri Berman Laurence, about how the make-up has changed from those early SATC episodes. 'The original show took place from 1998 to 2004, so makeup trends have definitely changed. Back then,' she told the title, 'thin eyebrows, contrasting darker lip liners, and more blush were in. Now, eyebrows are fuller, liners complement the lip colours, and blush is more of a natural flush. Bronzing has also taken a more subtle approach.'

Berman Laurence oversaw the make-up across the entire show and it was Sarah Jessica Parker's personal make-up artist Elaine Offers Woulard that was responsible for Carrie's make-up revamp in particular.

Laurence explained to Harper's Bazaar that Elaine's approach to Carrie's make-up was all about looking 'fresh-faced', and effortless.

Laurence shared some of the products used to create Carrie's glow, and one of the standouts was a certain Lip and Cheek Stick that you can bag for £16.50.

The product in question is Milk Makeup's Mini Lip and Cheek Stick. The brand, which aptly hails from New York City, is a go-to for fuss-free make-up solutions and its Lip & Cheek Stick is no exception. A two-in-one that can be used as either a blusher or a lipstick, it boasts a balmy texture lends a subtle glow to skin alongside a subtle flush of colour, which can be layered up to more of a statement look.

You can shop Milk Makeup's Mini Lip and Cheek stick for £16.50, below:

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