Simone Ashley On Bridgerton Beauty, Movie Nights And Her Pilates Obsession

Actor Simone Ashley Spills The Tea on Pilates, Podcasts And Packing Like A Pro

Simone Ashley

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Simone Ashley is having a good year. Fresh from wrapping promo for Bridgerton Season 3 - Ashley is best known for playing Bridgerton’s Kate Sharma - the actor has just announced her newest role; L’Oréal  Paris’s UK spokesperson.  The Sex Education star is joining a stellar line up; Helen Mirren, Viola Davis, Andie Mcdowell are just are just a few of her L’Oréal contemporaries. ‘They are women that I find to be incredibly, beautiful and empowering.’ After a ‘surprisingly calm’ Cannes Film Festival, Simon Ashley sits down with Grazia’s Verity Clark to chat about everything from being on the Bridgerton set to pilates, podcasts and packing like a pro.

On Joining The L’Oréal Paris Family

It hasn’t really sunk in yet! I think when I get back home it will properly land. But I am so grateful, very honoured and proud. It sparks the question of what it is to be beautiful. And to me that is being confident, kind, empowered and that’s what L’Oréal means to me.

On Taking Care Of Herself

I say this all the time but drinking water! I was feeling flat yesterday and I downed some water and instantly felt more energetic.

Therapy comes in lots of different forms. For me something like a massage could be a form of therapy but I practise spoken therapy to take care of my mental health, it makes me feel clear. I listen to a lot of podcasts on human psychology. It's a form of self-care in the sense that it helps me learn how to communicate better with others.

On Feeling Confident

I love pilates. I swear by reformer pilates, I’ve just come back from the States and I’m an Aloconvert - they’re hardcore but they are great.  I go on my own or with my girlfriends and that I love. I think more women should bring their friends to a yoga class or a workout or go for a run or a hike together because it’s just the best.

There’s nothing like having fresh hair to make me feel better. I’m a fan of leave-in products so I’ll put the L’Oréal  Paris Glycolic Gloss Treatment in for five minutes and once I wash it off my hair is super shiny.  And, you can’t beat a swipe of L’Oréal Paris Panorama Mascara; it makes my eyes pop which is great if  I’m feeling a bit flat and need a pick me up.

This hair gloss has gone viral - and for good reason. Made with a hefty dose of Glycolic Acid, expect improved hair health and unrivalled softness.

Our top application tip? Gently wiggle the wand at the base of the lashes for a glamorous, fanned out effect.

On Being In The Makeup Chair

It’s an actor’s sacred space. You get time to focus or just talk. It’s your 4am place, and  it’s where you come at the end of a long day on set to derig and shed off the day.

On Bridgerton Beauty

The show’s makeup artists Jessie, Frida and Erikajust blow it out of the park. They’re masters of their craft and I’m so glad they are getting all of the recognition they deserve.  I’d do them a dishonour if I tried to describe what they do, they’re the pros! I’ve learnt that makeup really is a form of art so I’ve observed and asked questions. Jessie taught me how to highlight my cheekbones properly and how to use individual lashes to create a beautiful eye look.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 13: Simone Ashley attends Netflix's "Bridgerton" Season 3 World Premiere at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on May 13, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/WireImage)

On An Ideal Day Off

A lie in! Coffee, breakfast bagel, walk with my dog and my friends and a really nice dinner out. Then watching a movie somewhere. I try to watch a movie every other day so a movie night with my friends would make my day.

On Her Beauty Essentials

Water! Mascara and all my hair lotions and potions. At the moment I’m loving Lumi Glotion; it’s great as a sheer base or just  on my cheekbones. I love having glowy skin and having my skin out so I’ve actually been mixing it with my body moisturiser to give me an all over glow. A lip balm. And my Bright Reveal SPF50- sun care is a must for me.

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On Eastern Wellness Practices

I think it's amazing that people are being inspired by different cultures. I used to put coconut oil on my hair but I don’t any more because I travel so much and it really isn’t conducive to being on the go - I have nightmares about coconut oil spilling all over my suitcase.

On Travelling Light

I’m trying to pack less. I packed four massive suitcases to take to the States last month. I always take a good book, my notepad and pencil. If I’ve packed my work then I can feel sane and know that I can work on the go.

On Beauty Jet Lag

Sauna! A sauna and an ice bath sorts me out every time.

On Having No Regrets

I don’t tend to regret much. I just  don’t think it’s fair on yourself. I try to think that I was probably happy in the moment so let’s just leave it be.

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