Nicole Berry Reveals The Contents Of Her Made In Chelsea Make-Up Bag Including Her Favourite £21 Blush

Nicole speaks exclusively to Grazia and discusses the make-up essentials she carries with her on filming days

Made In Chelsea Nicole Berry

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Nicole Berry caused a stir when she joined the cast of Made In Chelsea for its 22nd season last year. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Nicole made the move to London because of her mother. 'Living in the UK has always been a dream of mine,' Nicole tells Grazia, 'my mum often travelled to London for work there and would always come back glowing because she loved it so much, so I always had a bee in my bonnet about moving to the capital.'

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Appearing on Made In Chelsea might prove entirely new territory to some, but Nicole has been modelling since she was 17 and is used to life in front of the camera. 'I got scouted when I was still in high school outside Yorkdale, the biggest mall in Toronto but I didn't really take it seriously until a few years later,' she says. Nicole, now 24, moved to study at Toronto's McGill University. 'I needed to become financially independent, so I began investing more time and effort into modelling,' she says, 'I started looking after my skin and looking after my body.'

Nicole credits her modelling career with honing her make-up skills too. 'I always pay attention when I'm in the make-up chair,' she says, 'It's really fun, I love seeing a make-up artist's entire kit spread out in front of me, I always take a good look at the products in it.'

Nicole has learned a handful of beauty lessons on the Made In Chelsea set too. 'First of all, there's never any air conditioning, that was the first thing I learned,' Nicole laughs, 'there can't be any background noise so the AC has to be off the whole time and we were filming in summer so it was really hot. I learned very quickly that no amount of powder can help you in that situation.'

And for those who assume that the Made In Chelsea cast's make-up is kept in check by the pros, think again. 'I always knew that we were responsible for our own glam,' says Nicole, 'but I did think there might be someone there to provide the odd powder touch-up if someone got too shiny, but there was no one.' Nicole found a solution though, 'I got friendly with a girl in production who promised she'd give me the nod if my glow was getting out of control, or my lips were looking really dry or my hair was a mess.'

Nicole quickly assembled her own on-set touch-up kit too. 'There are certain products that I soon learned were worth having to hand on filming days,' she explains, 'take blusher for example, it takes a lot of blusher for it to show up on camera in Made In Chelsea, and if you're in quite a dark room it's likely that your eyeliner won't show up as much either. It was all trial and error.' Curious to know what other beauty staples feature in Nicole's Made In Chelsea touch-up kit? Shop the lot below:

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Nicole Berry Made In Chelsea Touch-Up Kit - Grazia 2022

Beauty Blender
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'I keep a BeautyBlender in my kit to apply my blush and blend everything together.' - Nicole Berry.

Fenty Beauty Cream Blush
2 of 6

'I use the Fenty Beauty Cream Blush, which even seems to blend well over powder. That's really useful when it comes to filming days.' - Nicole Berry.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder
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'The Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder is easy to use and the compact itself is really streamlined so it's great for carrying around with you all day.' - Nicole Berry.

Spectrum Collections B06 Tall Tapered Blender Brush
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'I always carry around an eyeshadow brush too, so that I can go in, blend through any uneven patches and freshen things up.' - Nicole Berry.

Fenty Beauty Powder Brush
5 of 6

'I keep a setting powder brush handy so that I can freshen things up and keep my make-up look presentable.' - Nicole Berry.

Glossier Soothing Face Mist
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'I keep a face mist in my bag too, in case my skin looks like it's getting a little dry.' - Nicole Berry.

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