Ekin-Su Caused Sales Of This £17 Lip Gloss To Rocket By 128%

The universal rosey nude shade is on the cusp of a sell-out

ekin su lip gloss love island

by Laura Capon |

Love Island is proving to not only be disastrous for our social lives but also our bank accounts as our wish list of make-up products as seen in the villa continues to grow by the day.

Thankfully, as this year's series is sponsored by Boots, most of the products the girls are using are affordable. Like the £5 eyeshadow palette Gemma wears for date night and the £5 setting spray that keeps their bases intact in the Mallorca sunshine.

But it's not just products, the girls are also inspiring us when it comes to make-up trends. If you'd said to us a week ago do we want metallic green nail polish, we'd have laughed you off. But after spotting Tasha's frosted green shade we're booking a salon appointment as we speak.

The biggest trend of all to come out of the villa though has to be 'Gym Lips' and our new obsession with lip gloss, a product we previously had resigned to the back of our make-up drawers.

In case you missed it, gym lips involves over lining your lips with a neutral lip liner before filling in with a tinted gloss of your choice for a healthy sheen.

Clearly we've all been keeping a close eye on Ekin-Su then because the lip gloss she's been spotted wearing has increased in sales by a whopping 128% according to Boots.

By now we all know that no one quite does gloss like Fenty, but it's not the iconic Gloss Bomb that Ekin-Su has been loving, it's the Bomb Dip Clip On.

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Ekin-Su Caused Sales Of This £17 Lip Gloss To Rocket By 128% - Grazia 2022

ekin su lip gloss love island
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This tinted gloss/balm hybrid comes in a universal rosey nude shade and is designed to be portable so you can clip it to whatever or whoever you'd like.

Not only that but the non-sticky formula means you won't end up panicking when the wind starts blowing.

Looks like those sales are about to rise once again...

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