How Does Beauty Pie Work And What Are The Hero Products?

From its game-changing cosmetics concept to the Beauty Pie buys that have us head over heels, here's everything you need to know...

Beauty Pie

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Beauty Pie was founded back in December 2016 and was an instant hit. With its sleek minimal packaging it fast became one of the most heavily Instagrammed beauty brands in the ether, joining the likes of Drunk Elephant, Ouai, Lixirskin and Herbivore in a new-gen breed of must-have millennial beauty brands. Beauty Pie, though, brought more than a few on-point formulas and photogenic bottles to the party. Masterminded by Marcia Kilgore, founder of Bliss Spa, Soaper Duper and FitFlop, Beauty Pie is aimed at providing quality, luxury buys for a fraction of their usual cost, via a membership scheme. Think of that one expensive face cream or serum that you've been lusting after for the past couple of months and dithering about whether it's worth the spend, it's...what? £50? Over £100? Spend £5 or £10 in membership with Beauty Pie per month and you could buy the equivalent for less than £15. No, really, that's the sort of savings we're talking here. (Ps: you can also buy without the commitment at a slightly higher mark-up too, in case you were wondering).

How Does Beauty Pie Work?

Beauty Pie is basically a buyers’ club for beauty addicts - whereby a membership fee (from as little as £5 a month) gives you access to luxury products from the world's best suppliers at factory prices - and this is the crucial part, you're only paying for what the product actually costs to make. In other words, in buying into Beauty Pie you effectively cut out the middlemen and consequent mark-ups (think celebrity endorsement, bricks and mortar stores etc). As Marcia explains, 'subscribers are essentially crowd-funding a cosmetics company – a model that already existed in the music, television and fashion industry, but not the beauty world – until Beauty Pie.'

How It All Started

Marcia knew what she wanted to achieve with Beauty Pie right from the off. 'It’s my best and biggest idea yet. If I died having not tried this, I would have really regretted it. It’s all about reality, equality and transparency. Offering deluxe skincare, makeup, haircare, body care, fragrance and candles at the most democratic prices possible. I love skincare and makeup, and use a lot of them myself, but I’ve never liked the way the beauty industry works when it comes to making a product for as little as possible, and then adding all the layers of mark-up onto it. This often results in a 1000% markup on a product. Something that costs about £10 to manufacture can end up being priced at £100 in the shops, and well, it’s just not worth it.'

Beauty Pie fragrance
©Beauty Pie fragrance

On Upsetting The Big Dogs

Marcia is keenly aware that Beauty Pie is making waves in the beauty arena, and putting a few noses out of joint along the way. 'We've heard we’re not particularly popular with the "big guys". We’re just revealing the truth - that can’t be disputed - and we’re totally transparent. We certainly see a few ‘suspect’ negative product reviews on our websites but because our real members are ordering by the thousands every day, the naysayers don’t really make a dent. If you’re not happy with a luxury quality product that’s up to 80% off, well, you won’t be happy with much!'

As far as Marcia is concerned, Beauty Pie sits well apart from the advertising and packaging norms of many a beauty brand out there. 'We’ll simply take a Swiss Hyaluronic Acid & Peptide Serum that costs £13.57 to make and stock in a warehouse and tell you, with total transparency, that it costs £13.57 to make and stock in a warehouse. We won't tell you that because celebrity X is the ‘paid face’ and because you can buy it on a fancy marble counter and because it’s packaged in a really heavy jar with a specially moulded OTT plastic cap, that it’s actually now worth £130. We think the truth is beautiful. If that truth creates backlash, so be it!'

'I spend a lot of time listening to customers and their feedback, because if you’re an entrepreneur, you have to be obsessed with making your customers’ lives better.'

Marcia's Favourite Beauty Pie Products

'Everything Super Retinol, Jeju and Japanfusion. Our Superdrops are really hot. As is our new Dr Glycolic range. We also have four incredibly popular fragrances and a fast-moving range of Superactive Skin Vitamin Capsules. Our Italian Futurelipsticks are a love-fest. Shimmerbars fly like crazy. And the latest and greatest are our new candles and our Super Healthy Skin Nourishing Body Polish and Deluxe Moisture Body Crème.'

'It’s difficult to narrow it down because we launch 100+ new products a year, we keep only the good repeat sellers in the line-up and we’re constantly editing to ensure that everything we offer is a customer favourite. If you need help finding the perfect skincare routine, however, we can help you! '

Shop Our Top Beauty Pie Picks


Beauty Pie Products Grazia

Beauty Pie Futurelipstick Matte, £20 (members pay from £4.67)
1 of 10

Beauty Pie Everyday Great Skin Foundation, £30 (members pay from £8.11)
2 of 10

Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder, £26 (or  £6.89 to members)
3 of 10

Triple Beauty Liquid Luminizer, £20 (or £4.94 to members)
4 of 10

Beauty Pie Flash False Lash Mascara, £20 (or £4.94 to members)
5 of 10

Beauty Pie Super Retinol Anti Ageing Hand Treatment, £40 (members pay £8.06)
6 of 10

Beauty Pie Soul Providers Re-Energizing Dry Oil Sugar Scrub, £50 (members pay £10.68)
7 of 10

Beauty Pie Awesome Bronze Super Formula No Streak Self Tanning Mousse, £30 (members pay £10.50)
8 of 10

Beauty Pie Pure Transforming Cleanser, £25 (members pay £7.54)
9 of 10

Beauty Pie Petals, Heliotrope & Ambrette Eau de Parfum, £125 (members pay £20.53)
10 of 10

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