10 Beauty Lessons You Picked Up From Sex And The City Without Even Realising It

The reason you're cautious about face peels? That's down to Samantha. The aversion you have to scrunchies? All because of Carrie.

Beauty Lessons Sex And The City

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If you, like us, have watched every single episode of Sex And The City going, as well as the Sex And The City movies, and you're head over heels about the new Sex And The City reboot that's on the way (read all about it here) it's likely you've taken in a whole host of beauty knowledge without even realising it. In and amongst all the man drama, eye-popping fashion and no-holds-barred sex scenes are a fair few well-informed beauty lessons if you can spot them. Take Samantha's infamous chemical peel experience for example. Would you have been so likely to opt for the lower-grade peel on your facialist's menu had that scene not proven to be such a cautionary tale? And what about kohl kajal? It's no coincidence that brands like Bourjois and YSL Beauty factored chunky kohl kajal crayons into their new-season make-up lines not long after the movie Sex And The City 2 hit screens. There was a serious appetite for that particular form of traditional eyeliner once Carrie had picked one up at the souk in Abu Dhabi and lined her waterlines to devastatingly beatiful effect just before her clandestine meet-up with ex Aiden.

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Don't even get us started on pubic hair. Oh the pubic hair storylines. We had the LA-based episodes in which Carrie returns from her wax appointment mortified at unwittingly having every inch of hair stripped from the relevant area. The lesson there? Be very specific when you call up to book in your next bikini wax.

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Then there's the other end of the spectrum, the Mexico moment when Samantha catches sight of Miranda's unwaxed bikini line and kicks up a dramatic fuss. There's nothing wrong with a 70s look down there whatsoever, but if you happen to be holidaying with anyone as sharp-tongued as Samantha, we reckon it's best to either prep your bikini line, or prep your friend ahead of its reveal. Samantha can't talk anyway. Remember that time she caught sight of a lone grey hair down there and made a beeline straight for the pubic hair dye? Definitely not advised! Apart from the risk to the delicate skin down there, Samantha's story highlighted another prominent risk - the dye turned the whole thing a particularly vibrant shade of orange. We're betting she put a call into Carrie's overzealous wax therapist in LA after that. Anyway you get our point. You learned countless beauty lessons whilst watching Sex And The City and you can every single one of them below...

All The Beauty Lessons You Learned From Sex And The City


Sex And The City Beauty Lessons

Sex And The City Beauty Lessons Samantha Peel1 of 10

1. Chemical Peels? Proceed With Caution

Ok, let's start with the most obvious one here. Samantha's chemical peel. She's cajoled into the procedure by her go-to aesthetician, and ends up with a red raw face that she's forced to conceal with a veil when she loyally rocks up at Carrie's book launch. Do your research before you book in, and remember, when it comes to peels, opt for the gentlest version first if you're a newbie.

Sex And The City Beauty Lessons Scrunchie2 of 10

2. Scrunchies Are A Point Of Contention

Remember that episode where Carrie mocks her then-boyfriend Burger's (post-it guy!) mention of a scrunchie in his novel and he gets over-the-top offended? They're a serious point of contention. Note to self, don't discuss money, politics or scrunchies in polite conversation.

Beauty Lessons Sex And The City Holiday Prep3 of 10

3. Holiday Prep Is Essential

We're moving onto the movies here, but Miranda's furry bikini line proved a cautionary tale when Samantha caught sight of it mid sunbathhing session in Mexico. Sure Miranda hadn't had time to contemplate a waxing appointment and we're all for a 70s look, but if you've got a sharp-tongued friend like Samantha, it's best to either prep the area, or prep your friend.

Sex And The City Beauty Lessons Acupuncture4 of 10

4. Acupuncture Is Worth The Spend

If you used to thing that acupuncture was a lot of airy-fairy nonsese, this episode probably made you think again. Charlotte tries acupuncture when she's trying to get pregnant after a whole host of her Park Avenue friends recommend a particular practitioner. Well if the Park Avenue set are doing it...!

Sex And The City Beauty Lessons Hummus5 of 10

5. Hummus Is A Natural Source Of Oestrogen

You might remember that in the second Sex And The City movie, Samantha is intent on staving off the menopause and her precious pills (her usual means of doing) get confiscated at the airport. The result? She spends the rest of the holiday downing hummus - a natural source of oestrogen.

Sex And The City Beauty Lessons Kohl6 of 10

6. There's Never A Bad Time To Embrace Kohl

We're still on the second Sex And The City movie and we're turning the spotlight on kohl, kohl kajal to be specific. Carrie picks up the chunky black eye pencil at the souk and uses it to line her waterlines to gorgeous effect just prior to her ill-advised meet-up with Aiden.

Sex And The City Beauty Lessons Perfume7 of 10

7. DON'T Spray Liberally When Perfume Shopping

One of the SATC ladies' catch up chats takes place at a perfume counter and it's where we all learned to be sparing when sampling a perfume counter's delights. Charlotte's on the hunt for her next fragrance it seems and shouts 'what about cucumber basil?!' to which Samantha retorts 'why would you want to smell like a salad?!'. Spray with caution.

Sex And The City Beauty Lessons Bikini Wax8 of 10

8. Make Sure You Really Clarify Things When You Book Your Bikini Wax

Upon booking a wax appointment in LA, Carrie is mortified to find herself stripped of every last hair. Yep, that's a Hollywood. Lesson learned? Talk through exact details of the bikini wax that you're after when you book in, and double check everything with your therapist when you arrive.

Sex And The City Beauty Lessons Grey Hair9 of 10

9. Leave The Greys Down There Alone

Samantha sets about dying her pubic hair as soon as she finds a lone grey hair - big mistake! The dye turns her pubic hair a bright orange, that's far worse wouldn't you say?! Letting anything as strong as a dye get anywhere near that area isn't advisable anyway so it's best to leave well alone.

Sex And The City Beauty Lessons Orgasms Glow10 of 10

10. Orgasms Could Save You Loads Of Money On Facials

When Charlotte compliments Samantha on her incredibly glowy complexion, Samanthat reveals that it's all down to orgasms. Note to self - a bit of decent sex or self love could save you a pretty penny when it comes to skincare.

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