And Just Like That: 5 Images That Prove This £29 Lip Gloss Is The Beauty Product Of The Series

If it's good enough for Carrie Bradshaw...

And Just Like That

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And Just Like That has already given us plenty in the way of beauty inspiration. Since HBO's Sex And The City reboot kicked off in December, much has been made of the cast's new looks and the products behind them. Fans quickly picked up on the £16.50 cream blusher used by the show's head of make-up, Sherri Berman Laurence, to give Carrie her signature glow, as well as the surprisingly affordable false lashes that Berman Laurence recommended on social media. Perhaps most interesting, though, is the £29 lip gloss that has emerged as the 'it' beauty product of the series.

BTS images of Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davies have been doing the rounds since July, and this particular lip gloss has been caught on camera numerous times. The Dior Addict Stellar Gloss, £29, is evidently a firm favourite with both Berman Laurence and SJP who's frequently been snapped reapplying it between takes.

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Dior Addict Stellar Gloss, £29

Dior Addict Stellar Gloss


Dior Addict Stellar Gloss, £29
Dior Beauty

The Dior Addict range from Dior Beauty is famed for its glosses and balms, one of which seems to have found favour with Sarah Jessica Parker. The And Just Like That actor has been captured reapplying this lip gloss on multiple occasions between takes. Well, if it's good enough for Carrie Bradshaw...

The lip gloss blends nourishing ingredients like cranberry seed oil and soothing aloe leaf juice with sheer pigment and intense shine, the idea being that you get all the benefits of a lip balm and the look of a luxe lip gloss in one beauty buy. Yes, it's on the expensive side, but SJP's obvious loyalty to the gloss on set is testament to its value.

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And Just Like That: Sarah Jessica Parker's Favourite Lip Gloss - Grazia 2022

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