The TikTok-Approved Lip Trick Behind Adele’s Brit Awards Look

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After the success of her album '30' and not one, but two Vogue covers under her belt, few would argue that this last year has pretty much belonged to Adele. As her career has climbed to new heights, we've been paying close attention to Adele's make-up prowess too. There's a lot to talk about. From Adele's signature winged eyeliner to her forever blown out hair. Adele is now not only a regular chart-topper but a bona fide beauty icon too, and we've been taking tips.

Her latest standout moment was the soft-glam-with-a-twist look that she cracked out at the 2022 Brit Awards. That warm contour, bold brow, and smokey eye are the signposts of old Hollywood glamour, and Adele's clearly a fan. Adele's make-up artist Anthony Nguyen gave the look a bit of 2022-worthy edge with OTT liner, and an ombré nude lip. And for those wondering how to achieve Adele's full and perfectly lined lips at home, TikTok has the answer in the form of a 30 second masterclass from make-up extraordinaire Mario Dedivanovic.

Famed for his face sculpting skills - he's the pro behind Kim Kardashian's contouring routine - his now viral 'lip lift' creates fuller looking lips through strategic placement of lip liner.

How To Line On Fuller Lips Like Adele's At Home

How is it done? Tackle your Cupid's bow first. 'The Cupid’s bow should be more over-lined than the outer corners,' Mario shared. 'This step makes lips appear fuller, more enhanced, and shortens the space between nose and lip,' and once this is filled in, draw towards the outer corners, being sure to stay inside the natural lip line and not veer outside.

Next, repeat this process for the bottom lip.'Slightly overline the centre of the bottom lip line, then extend the liner upwards toward the outer corners of the mouth, again moving the liner inside the lip line,' he says. 'This creates the illusion of a lifted lip.' And note, straying outside of the line on these outer corners can dramatically alter the shape of your lips and create a downturned mouth, so you'll need steady hands.

Finally, the ombré effect not only creates a plumped up shape, but also helps your lipstick to last longer without smudging or bleeding. Simply blend the lip liner from the corners inward with a brush, then tidy the edges with concealer. 'Finish by applying a dab of your foundation or concealer to the brush, then clean up the edges of the lower lip if necessary so the liner looks crisp. This creates an even greater lifted effect.' And voila, the professional way to create a plumper, red-carpet-ready lip worthy of Adele herself.

While we wait on tenterhooks for the exact shade of nude lipstick that Anthony used for this bombshell look, here are more Adele approved buys to add to your shopping basket in the meantime:

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SHOP: The Exact Make Up Pat McGrath Used On Adele's Vogue Cover Shoot

Pat McGrath1 of 5

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership IX: Huetopian Dream Palette, £120

Once you try a Pat McGrath eyeshadow, you simply don't look back. The pigment is second to none: they're buttery, opaque, and blend like a dream. The glitter shades are our favourite. They're best applied with the finger instead of a brush - you can deposit more colour this way, for the way the warmth of your finger picks up the shadows well. We'd put our money on Adele wearing the shade on the top right of the palette.

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Pat McGrath Labs Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner, £26

Here She Is. The eyeliner that Pat used on Adele is exactly the kind we love. The felt tip pen design is about as foolproof as an eyeliner can be: it's easy to hold, allows for expert precision and glides like a dream to create a feline flick. Whilst some eyeliners dry and lose their inky black shade, this eyeliner stays that true, sooty black all. day. long.

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Pat McGrath Labs Blush + Glow Trio in Galactic Sun, £41

Let it be known: more people need to wear peach blush. The peach shade - especially combined with the pink - make for the prettiest flush of colour we know. This highlighter isn't for the faint of heart, either. Pat calls it a 'high-intensity glow', and we're inclined to agree. This oyster colour imparts a serious glow that shifts beautifully under light and accentuates bone structure.

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Pat McGrath Labs Dark Star Mascara, £26

The wand of Pat's mascara is seriously chunky, but don't be deceived: we've found that it isn't one to clump easily. Whilst mascaras can be challenging to review (lash types are as varied as skin types, trust us), the common denominator here is that it makes lashes look fanned out and fluttery. Don't expect bundles of volume in the first coat, but it is very easily built to achieve more drama.

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Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipstick, Christy, £36

Pat McGrath's matte lipstick formulas are loved by those in the know. Pat calls it a 'powder in a bullet', and we're inclined to agree. These lipsticks do feel powdery - in the very best way. The powder is oil-infused, so the lipsticks feel comfortable and easy to wear. We're obsessed with this fleshy beige peach that Adele was wearing: it complements any intense eye make-up perfectly.

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