And Just Like That: The Volumising Spray Behind Carrie’s Next-Level Hair

It's a personal favourite of Sarah Jessica Parker too

And Just Like That

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The last episode of And Just Like That season 1 aired last week and there's still so much to unpack. There's thatValentino dress, Miranda's hair revamp and don't even get us started on that final scene.

Speaking of hair revamps, let's revisit Carrie's. And Just Like That served up a real departure from the masses of curls and off-duty topknots that we saw Carrie sport in vintage Sex And The City episodes. Instead she was frequently pictured jogging through the streets of New York with freshly blow-dried lengths and very expensive looking highlights.

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And then there's the volume. Sarah Jessica Parker's curls have always had tonnes of it, but root lift and body is a lot harder to create and retain in very long hair once it's been blow-dried and heat-styled. Even so, the And Just Like That hair styling team managed it. Their secret? A volume spray that SJP considers one of her favourite hair products to date.

And Just Like That's hair department head and wig maker, Nakoya Yancey, revealed exclusively to Grazia that SJP's personal hair stylist - renowned hair guru Serge Normant - was responsible for her hair styling on-set. 'He's a legend, an icon,' says Yancey, 'he's been doing her hair forever.' Normant has his own line of hair styling products and Yancey cites his Serge Normant Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray as one of the most popular hair products on set. 'We use his volume spray all the time,' she says, 'it really carries SJ's hair, whatever style it's in, and it's brilliant when it comes to defining her curls too.'

Yancey reveals that her time spent with Normant during filming was more than instructive, 'he's such a great teacher,' she says, 'he's always there if you have any questions, he's welcoming and so humble. He's such a gentleman.'

Sadly the Serge Normant hair styling range is mostly unavailable in the UK, but you can pick up the Dream Big Instant Volumizing Mousse below:

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