‘I Use Mine All The Time’: Victoria Beckham Reveals Her Go-To Hair Straighteners

The hair tool was even used backstage at the designer's London Fashion Week show

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Last year, Victoria Beckham presented her SS22 show digitally - hair and make-up included, using one of the best hair straighteners on the market.

Characteristically polished and lent against a sofa, the designer appeared via YouTube to share the beauty brief of the season: 'individuality and uniqueness. Session stylist and recent winner of the British Fashion Council's Changemakers Award, Cyndia Harvey, was in charge of hair, with VB stressing how effortless she wanted it to feel. 'I like the idea of an array of different styles and structures... hair that looks like it's been slept in.'

The tool of choice? ghd's brand new Unplugged Cordless Styler, now one of the best ghd straighteners on the market. 'With these, this look can be achieved anywhere, anytime,' the former Spice Girl enthused.

ghd Victoria Beckham SS22
©ghd Victoria Beckham SS22

'The inspiration behind the hair is all about enhancing everything that is already there,' said Cyndia, 'so the hair is quite natural, a little bit polished and really highlights beautiful textures that already exist. It's really all about the woman.'

Cyndia is also a cordless ghd fan. 'The ghd Unplugged Styler is an absolute game changer. There are so many times that I've been backstage at a show, in line-up [that's just before the models are about to walk out on stage], where I've been in a really critical situation and desperately in need of a hair straightener. This is perfect for those moments.'

If you're looking for another hair straightener that we would consider convenient enough to get the Cyndia Harvey seal of approval, you may want to alternatively consider a hair straightening brush. Runway ready hair styles await.

Unplugged Cordless Styler
Unplugged Cordless Styler
ghd x Victoria Beckham SS22

The exact hair styler Victoria Beckham and Cyndia Harvey swear by for runway hair. They're easy to use and are perfect for travelling with, especially since they are lightweight without a cord and plug.


  • Free styling
  • Runway-approved, as seen on Victoria Beckham and Cyndia Harvey


  • Will need to be recharged when low on battery
Max Temperature185°C
Charging Cable USB-C
BatteryLithium Ion

You can do worse than taking a personal product recommendation from VB. 'I use mine all the time,' she says of the styler, 'I've just rushed off set to give myself a nice little hair touch-up. I'm feeling inspired by the girls' hair this season, so I'm trying to recreate the look.'

Victoria chose London Fashion Week to showcase new Victoria Beckham Beauty releases too, namely the Posh Gloss, £26. This classic crystal clear gloss promises OTT shine without any stickiness. Of the launch, she says:' Throwing back to my Spice Girl days, Posh would always wear a high shine clear gloss with a heavy lip liner to make her lips look fuller. That’s when my love affair with gloss started, but I always found it heavy and uncomfortable to wear, and my hair would inevitably get stuck in it - especially riding on the back of David’s motorcycle. So it became my mission to create a gloss that was beautiful, with reflective, mirror-like shine—but wearable and not at all sticky. I believe we got it right.'

David Beckham rides a motorcycle? You learn something new every day.

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If you're looking for more advice and help on the kind of hairstyles you can achieve with your straighteners, we've got a fabulous article that will help you do almost anything with your hair straighteners.

Are ghd Straighteners Worth It?

ghd hair straighteners are so worth investing in as they are used by salon professionals worldwide. They are reliable and offer the best performance that some other hair tools cannot compete with.

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