The Gospel Of Hair According To Tracee Ellis Ross

We spoke to Pattern Beauty to get the best winter care tips for curly, coily, and kinky hair


by Remy Farrell |

As temperatures drop it's key to switch up your skincare, and something that's often overlooked, your haircare too. Especially necessary for hair that suffers from SAD (otherwise known as, Seasonally Affected and Dry). Anyone with curls will know the feeling all too well. Whipped by cold air, dried out by central heating and split by heat styling, trying to keep hair nourished, buoyant and shiny requires a laborious routine that can often feel overwhelming.

Luckily Tracee Ellis Ross' haircare brand, Pattern Beauty, has agreed to share some wisdom. After 10 years of research and development, the team there know a thing or two about how to care for curly, oily and tight-textured hair – hence the rave reviews when it launched in the US, in 2019. And while it hasn't officially made its way over the pond (we live in hope and DM Tracee daily!), the brand does ship, so we don't have to miss out entirely.


Tip One: Don’t Over Moisturise

"Some may think that winter season means you have to moisture more", says Pattern "but in reality, a lot of people end up over-moisturising their hair, making it too soft and fragile and promoting hair breakage! During winter, simply use the Pattern Heavy Conditioner as a hair mask under your hair dryer to prevent damaged hair".

Tip Two: Don’t Underestimate Your Curls

"Despite popular belief, tightly textured hair can actually be the most fragile hair type, as coils tend to be more susceptible to tangling. So, we need to make sure our curls stay moisturised and protected at all times to prevent breakage. Pattern’s Treatment Mask is perfect for balancing all the moisturising products that curlies love!"

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Tip Three: Trim and Detangle To Prevent Split Ends

"Keep your hair properly hydrated and conditioned, and always use proper curly hair accessories, such as a comb or brush, from the bottom up when styling. The ends are the oldest part of your hair which means that they’re the most prone to splitting. Scheduling regular trims to get rid of that part of the hair means that your ends can stay healthy and strong".


Grazia's Tip Four: Reduce Friction To Prevent Frizz

It may seem like an obvious one, but friction and rubbing can cause delicate hair to frizz and tangle. Something as simple as your winter hat or the pillowcase you use can make curly hair static in seconds, so to make the best of your careful detangling and defined curls, use a silk based turban or pillow case after treatments. The smooth fibres will reduce the traction that contributes to breakage, and wont soak up as much product from your hair as cotton.

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Tracee's favourite product for cold weather care? Conditioner. “The PATTERN Leave-In Conditioner is my holy grail" says Tracee. "Also, the Styling Cream. You can bantu knot, swoop, swirl, braid, twist, knot, bun. You can do it all with this. And of course, the juicy and joyful Hydration Shampoo is one of my favourites. The PATTERN Treatment Mask strengthens the cuticle. It will make your hair strong, and shiny! Your hair should shine, that means it’s healthy! Finally, the Edge Control. It will give you the hold that you need, but also continue to nourish your hair.”

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