The Best Body Scrubs To Soften Dry Winter Skin, Fast

These hard-working exfoliators leave limbs feeling silky and soft


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Let's face it, the seasonal shift in weather can take a toll on not just the skin on our face, but the skin on our body, too. And, for many of us, winter can result in dry, flaky skin that needs a little extra TLC. Even the best moisturisers can fall short of recapturing that summer glow. But one step to incorporate into your showering routine for speedy results is the humble, yet oh-so effective, body scrub.

"Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells, which, when done frequently, prevents a barrier forming on the skin that can clog pores and lead to pimples and acne," says founder of Sundry Skincare, Eve Yankah. "Frequent exfoliation with a body scrub results in the continual lifting of dead skin cells and the regeneration of new ones, helping to reduce dry skin and even scarring". In short, a quick and easy way to keep skin clean and smooth.

Whether you’re in need of a gentle exfoliator to prep skin before tan application, or looking for a grittier texture to buff away dead skin, there are tons of options on the market to scrub, polish, and smooth your way to silkier skin in just one step. Just be sure to go easy on sensitive or broken skin as an exfoliant isn't needed everyday; think of it as a weekly detox for congested, dry or flaky skin.

With all of that in mind, we've rounded up the very best body scrubs that look, feel and smell amazing. Scrub this way.

Winter Skin Saviours: The Best Body Scrubs To Buy Now


The Best Body Scrubs 2021

The Best Body Scrubs 2021
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"Sundry Caffeine Fix is a lightly foaming exfoliating scrub which is great for winter skin, as this time of year is particularly damaging for drying out our skin" says Eve Yankah, CEO and Founder of Sundry Skincare. "Our scrub is enriched with Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil, AHA's and Coconut Oil to maximise keeping your new skin layer hydrated after gently lifting dead cells and dry skin. Our scrub is also packed of antioxidants which help to improve circulation and decrease the appearance of puffiness."

The Best Body Scrubs 2021
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This scrub really does smell as good as it sounds. Roasted and powdered coffee beans and brown sugar crystals are the exfoliating component in this gentle buffing polish, which also moisturises with plant oils and almond milk, leaving dry spots smoothed and nourished.

The Best Body Scrubs 2021
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Soap and Glory have an extensive range of body scrubs, from the fresh and fruity Sugar Crush to the sugary and sweet O.G Flake Away, but we love recent offering 'Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub', a gentle banana, almond and honey scrub that leaves skin feeling clean and soothed. (It's particularly good on dry and cracked heels and finished with the Smoothie Star Body Butter.)

The Best Body Scrubs 2021
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Particularly good for skin in need of some heavy duty scrubbing, the blend of sugar, salt, superfine sand and avocado powder has all of the cleansing, buffing power of a refreshing day in the sea, and with the tropical scent to match. Simply massage into wet skin in the shower, and finish up with a Fenty Skin Body Lava for a party ready glow.

Bondi SaThe Best Body Scrubs 2021 nds Coconut and Sea Salt Body Scrub, £12.99
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The Bondi Sands Coconut and Sea Salt Body Scrub might be intended for prepping skin before fake tanning, but not only does it create the perfect, smooth base for colour, the coconut husk and walnut shell also work to effectively remove impurities.

The Best Body Scrubs 2021
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Newly launched in the UK, Pacifica has a strong fan base in the US for its vegan and cruelty formulas, and compassion for people and the planet (at an affordable price point!). This ingenious product is for armpits specifically, to unclog the pores we think of least, but are so easily blocked by daily deodorant application.

The Best Body Scrubs 2021
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Kopari use every bit of the coconut from the husk to the milk in their extensive range of melts, deodorants and body soufflés. For an exceptionally rich and ultra hydrating wash, this gentle scrub aims to reduce the appearance of pores while fading dark spots and soothing inflammation, and all the while smelling like a decadent, coconut dream.

The Best Body Scrubs 2021
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If you need a scrub thats a little more gentle, this is intended for use on face and body, and so doesn't have the bigger exfoliating grains of some body scrubs. Designed with breakout prone skin in mind, it uses charcoal to draw out impurities and witch hazel to close pores, so you needn't worry about irritated and congested skin.

The Best Body Scrubs 2021
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Wake up and stimulate skin with a coffee hit from Frank Body that uses robusta coffee grinds to exfoliate and promote blood flow and collagen production for skin you'll want to show off. Best of all, antioxidants and oils help to fight breakouts and fade scars for a peachy smooth finish.

The Best Body Scrubs 2021
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Oh how do we love thee? Let us count the Ouai(s).. we love multitasking products for getting more bang for our buck, and this body scrub doubles up as a scalp scrub too, for Ouai's premium quality haircare and skincare in one. Founder Jen Atkins top tip? Add a little Ouai shampoo to a scoop of the scrub for an ultra clean, foaming wash that works away dandruff too.

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