Taylor Swift’s Eras Hair Is Our Festival Inspiration And It’s So Simple To Recreate

We're In Our Bangs Era

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You might not have the readies to hire a private jet or demand your tent is decorated with Swarovski crystals at Glastonbury next weekend, but you can still be a headliner of your own by channeling Taylor Swift vibes on top. Taylor Swift's Eras tour looks have become the fabric of pop culture. Searches for her outfits on Tik Tok reaching over 119.8M while Taylor Swift's hair, that ash blonde long hair and trademark bangs have taken on a whole life of their own - one reviewer  referred to her hair as ‘magical’ and ‘an active participant in every performance’. Searches for her hairstyle have reached over 145.2M views on Tik Tok.

We’re not the only one's Googling Tay’s barnet either. Millie Courtfrom Love Island has gone as far as recreating Taylor’s entire Eras look from top to bottom as part of a shoot for V05.

Millie’s recreation also captured Taylor Swift’s trademark bejeweled leotard, which 'Swifties’ have been trying to emulate at home with DIY looks.

She says, 'embodying the iconic looks of a pop queen like Taylor was an absolute dream come true', she adds that she thinks people should 'unleash their wild side and express themselves fearlessly through hair, just like our pop heroes do…. whatever makes you feel confident and true to yourself.'

Grazia spoke to Expert and Celebrity Stylist Ellis Ransonwho told us, 'we spend weeks planning a festival outfit but we often forget how important our hairstyle is to complete the look.When looking at any celebrity outfit, everything down to the colour of their nails has been meticulously planned'.

Ellis says, 'as we go through the Eras Tour Taylor’s simple chic style has become iconic as it works through each of her many outfit changes. And she knows how to move and work the hair through every song. The effortless style is easily achievable at home, if you have bangs and layers that’s a bonus for the natural flick'.

And while Taylor has had her share of hair-mishaps [she joked on stage in Singapore, 'as you can see, my hair has returned to its factory settings…thanks to the humidity here!'] her iconic Era’s look is something that will give us all confidence this festival season.

Ellis shows us how to transform your ‘do into a Swift Style in a few simple steps

  • Rollers are the perfect tool when blow drying your hair to keep the perfect sleek flick. When your hair is still damp, separate into sections and blow dry with a round barrel brush. Wrap each section in the roller and pin in place. Leave in for 15-30 mins before uncurling and revealing the perfect blowout.

  • Make sure to use heat protecter serum  (I love VO5's heat protect serum) to keep your hair smooth & shiny as it’s all about your do looking clean and fresh with the right amount of bounce.

  • If Taylor swift has bangs, we’re all getting bangs and there is something about a fringe that really can complete your look and give you anything from boho to a much more glam feel.  Hers is a healthy full fringe which she flicks about to get that rugged undone look, but a wispy fringe could also work just as well. Blow dry with a barrel brush on a low heat and wrap away from your face in a roller, leave for 15-30 mins before unrolling and lightly teas your fingers through the ends to get the perfect flick.

If you don’t want to rock Taylor’s tresses, then Ellis has a few key things to remember. 'Festivals are all about fun, complete your look with a playful style like messy space bunsor statement accessories. This season is all about butterfly clips for your cool girl aesthetic or a bandana for a more 90’s. I always love to take inspo from the biggest ‘headliner’ celebrities. To keep your statement look locked in place all day make sure to set it, VO5’s Mega Hold Gel Spray is a saviour and will ensure your accessories stay in place all day.”

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Millie embarked on the creative challenge to celebrate VO5’s hair styling range, ahead of the summer festival and concert season, inspiring festival-goers to embrace the top hair style trends and help them find their unique festival style with VO5’s range of styling products during the UK summer of music.

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