How To Ask For Highlights Like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley At Your Next Colour Appointment

The pros get granular about specific shades and colour placement

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has a way of getting hair right. The world-renowned model and beauty brand founder (if you haven't browsed through her Rose Inc skincare and make-up collection yet, make it a priority) took to Instagram last week to showcase the results of her latest hair appointment - her signature honeyed shade made a touch darker for winter and face-framing sun-kissed highlights that set her loose waves off to a tee.

Far fromchunky highlights, these precision blended money pieces - the blonde sections that frame Rosie's face - are as subtle as they come. This is high-definition hair colour at its best - a masterclass in bronde-meets-blonde.

The hair colourist behind the look? Senior colourist at George Northwood, Sally Northwood, who seems to be in serious demand these days. She is also responsible for the deep caramel hair colour you see Camille Charrière flaunting in the adverts for her new collaboration with Mango, and for Daisy Edgar-Jones' new dip-dyed look.

If Rosie's latest hair revamp has you at hello, know that as polished as it looks, according to the pros, this natural-look blend of deep gold shades and highlights involves minimum upkeep at home. Hair colourist at Hershesons Marley Xavier defines Rosie’s new colour as 'the perfect low-maintenance, cool-girl autumn blonde. Full of delicate contrast, texture and energy. It's flattering and not overdone.'

It requires much less bleaching than a full head of highlights too, meaning it's kinder to your hair - a real plus ahead of the drying winter months.

Everyone from J-Lo (the OG of bronde) to Margot Robbie has toyed with variations on the same alluring style. Here's everything you need to know about giving your hair the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley treatment.

What Should You Ask Your Go-To Colourist For?

Remember ripping out pages of a magazine to present to your stylist ahead of a haircut? Don't be afraid to pull up an Instagram post or a TiktTok to illustrate what you're after. Nicola Clarke, Creative Colour Director at John Frieda Salons, says 'take in a picture and explain what you are hoping to achieve and why. This works much better than trying to explain something verbally - one person’s interpretation is not always the same as someone else’s.'

'What Rosie has had done are highlights in different shades of blonde to create depth,' says Nicola, ' and added face framing lighter blonde pieces to really lift the look.'

What Shades Should You Ask For Specifically?

In this case, one shade does not suit all. 'The shades that suit Rosie might not be the shades that will work best for you,' says Nicola, 'consultation time with your colourist will dictate the shades of blonde you end up with, your colourist will take into account the look you're after, alongside your skin tone, your everyday style and even the make-up you wear.'

Still keen for a steer? Marley advises to opting for shades of 'biscuit, sand, butterscotch, buttercream blonde and neutral-warm tones for this look to ensure the hair is not too orange, brassy, red or equally too ashy.'

What Techniques Are Involved In Getting This Look?

Technique is key here as it's all about carefully selecting the right sections of the hair to highlight and which ones to give depth. Marley explains that Rosie's look is all down to babylights, balayage, a root smudge and gloss. 'Add lowlights if you’re already blonde and want more depth. Make sure to ask for a seamless blend to the root and if required, a few balayage pieces on the tips to connect the rest of the hair.'

Why Is This Look Great For Winter?

If you’ve been super blonde over the summer and want to improve the condition of your hair, this look can give sun-damaged hair a break over winter. It's a colour that helps to 'maintain depth in the hair, while still keeping luminosity where most important - around the face,' adds Marley.

What Aftercare Is Involved In This Look?

Consider colour protection. For optimal colour longevity, use a sulfate-free shampoo.Products from brands such as Olaplex and Virtue are especially brilliant for maintaining the strength and colour of your treated hair. Also, don't forget to use a heat protector ahead of styling.


Products To Use At Home

Olaplex No.4 and No.8 Bundle1 of 3
CREDIT: Olaplex No.4 and No.8 Bundle

Olaplex No.4 and No.8 Bundle

Marley recommends using Olaplex No. 4, 5 and 8. If you're just starting off on your Olaplex journey, this is a good place to begin. They collectively help to repair hair that has been damaged by chemical, thermal and manual means thanks to the brand's gold-standard bond-strengthening technology.

Oribe Gold Lust Repair and Restore Shampoo2 of 3

Oribe Gold Lust Repair and Restore Shampoo

A good shampoo and conditioner form the basis of a great at-home hair routine, and if you're after something luxe, you can't go wrong with Oribe's Gold Lust range.

Virtue Colorkick De-Brassing Shampoo3 of 3

Virtue Colorkick De-Brassing Shampoo

Nicola explains, 'when you are in the salon I recommend Virtue Colorkick, something I add into all my colours that helps nourish hair, helps it maintain its strength and integrity during the colouring process, and doses it up with shine.' The brand's Colourkick shampoo enables you to achieve similar results at home.

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