Jennifer Lopez’s Money Piece Highlights Are This Summer’s Biggest Hair Trend

Here's exactly what they are and how to get them

Jennifer Lopez

by Laura Capon |

When Jennifer Lopez arrived at the 2022 MTV Movie Awards to collect her Generation Award, it wasn't her black, plunging corset that caught our attention.

It was actually her hair and more specifically her striking blonde money piece highlights.

Don't get us wrong, Jlo is queen of the honey-toned hair and when it comes to sun-kissed colour she always nails it.

However these highlights were a little different to her usual. They were more striking and bold but not in the least bit stripy.

Of course Jennifer's long-term colourist Tracey Cunningham was behind her new look which was styled into effortless waves by Chris Appleton.

In an Instagram post, Tracey shared that herself and Sean Metcalfe created the highlights of the summer by using Redken professional colours.

If you're new to the world of money piece hair or have never heard the term before, we've got you.

In fact we went one step further and spoke to Luci Green, colourist at Larry King to get her expert opinion on how to get your own money piece highlights and what exactly to ask for when in salon.

What is a money piece?

A money piece is when you have the front, face-framing section of your hair lightened. How light you go is up to you but in order for it to be considered a money piece it needs to be at least two shades lighter than the rest of your hair.

What are money piece highlights?

In 2021 it was impossible to escape the money piece. Rising to prominence at the same time as the revival of '90s trends, practically everyone was re-living Geri Haliwell circa 1998. While last year it was all about making the contrast of light and dark as extreme as possible, the money piece has now evolved to money piece highlights.

Rather than only lightening the very front section of hair, this trend involves placing more highlights strategically round the hair.

What should I ask my hairdresser for?

"These money pieces are created in the salon by taking fine slices of hair, working around the frame of the face to create a bold, blonde look around the front of the face as well as under the hairline," explains Luci Green, colourist at Larry King

If money highlights sound good to you, Luci says, "You should ask your colourist for a bold statement look around the face and under the back of the hairline that allows for contrast with darker hair".

Looks like we're all booking a hair appointment then?

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