One TikToker Claims Lube Is Behind These Celebrity Hair Looks And This Is Their Reasoning

Could a tube of Durex really be the key to this red-carpet-ready look?

Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian

by Annie Vischer |
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TikToker @ederlydesigns caused a storm on TikTok recently when she posted a hair how-to in which she claimed that 'celebrity hair stylists use lube for the wet hair look to last all night long!'. In the video she takes a bottle of the stuff and applies it through her own lengths. The results look pretty bang on and a quick scroll through the TikToker's other videos reveal that its a hair hack she's stuck with.

Kim Kardashian

There's no denying that wet look hair is having a moment. Kim Kardashian arguably revived the trend when she stepped onto the pink carpet at the 2019 Met Gala. Kim wore custom Thierry Mugler, a structured dress encrusted with crystals that were meant to mimic water droplets. The design was inspired by a drenched Sophia Loren in the 1957 movie Boy On A Dolphin, and naturally Kim's hair had to play its part too. Chris Appleton - Kim's go-to hair stylist - was behind the look and there's little indication as to what products he used, apart from a nod to Color Wow's Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, £26, by way of a subtle hashtag.

Last year Megan Fox attended the MTV Video Music Awards alongside Machine Gun Kelly and sported a strikingly similar outfit. Megan's hair, too, was gently waved and lacquered up to look wet. It's this look that TikToker @ederlydesigns features in her viral video, so perhaps the influencer had some inside intel on Megan's stylist's technique.

It's unlikely we'll know for sure whether lube really was the key product behind some of the best celebrity wet hair looks to date, but as @ederlydesigns demonstrates, it certainly does the job.

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