Thanks To Bella Hadid, TikTok Is Obsessed With ‘Jaw-Lighting’ – But What Is It?

Highlighting your jaw (aka, jaw-lighting) accentuates your features like no before. Here, TikTok's verdict...

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by Phoebe Lee |

Once upon a time, millennials were obsessed with matte skin. And we're not talking a velvety, soft, satin matte here, either: we're talking total, 2D flatness. Powders so dusty, they created a mushroom cloud with each dip of powder puff. Words like 'dewy'? Not a chance. They did not exist - or at least, exist as widely - in beauty lexicon.

Now? Well, 'glow' and 'dewiness' is Gen Z's forte. Brands like Charlotte Tilbury that epitomise old, Hollywood glamour make it their M.O. One of their cult Hollywood Flawless Filter's (a primer, highlighter, foundation hybrid) sells every 2 minutes. As for their blush-highlighter hybrid, Pinkgasm? Try one every 8 seconds.

And, through gritted teeth, it has to be said that Gen Z are on the money (how they'll never know the horror of old Facebook pictures, with ill-matched foundation). A subtle gleam on the skin is often infinitely more flattering than a powdery matte finish. Glow, in the right places, makes skin look more hydrated. It accentuates bone structure. All in all, it makes you look healthier.

It's why they took a magnifying glass to a certain Instagram post from Bella Hadid. They noticed that the model had placed, strategically, a highlighter right above her jawline. Scroll along to slide 7 of her Instagram post to see it in all its glory:

What is 'jaw-lighting'?

You'll have figured this out, but it's a portmanteau of 'jaw highlighting.' Essentially, it's placing a small, subtle strip of highlighter right above the jawline (à la Bella Hadid, above). Typically, highlighting is reserved for places like the cheekbones, Cupid's Bow and perhaps the tip of the nose. Done right, jaw highlighting can make the jaw look more defined.

See it in action, below:

How do I jaw highlight?

As with a lot of make-up, it's not as simple as sweeping on the product and blending it into the skin. It's key that you choose a highlighter that's most like your skin tone (e.g., no pink tones), and apply a thin line of it above the jawline.

As with the TikTok user above, using a darker contour shade on the jawline itself with create a contrast with the lighter shade above, and help emphasise bone structure and definition. Yes, Bella already has an impeccable jawline (be it through good genetics or a host of excellent facial tweakments), but if you want a sharper one? This might be the easiest - and fastest - know how yet.

In the market for a shiny (get it?) new highlighter? Shop Grazia's approved edit, below.

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