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A hair roller revival is in session and it's all down to TikTok. TikTok megastars like @aquiredstyle regularly show how swerving your favourite set of straighteners or curling tong in favour of a few velcro rollers pays dividends when it comes to body and polish. Used well, rollers are an easy way to achieve the fluffy blow-dried look that has taken off on TikTok. Heated rollers are a step up from velcros, offering quicker results and better staying power.

Yes, heated rollers might make you look like a cast member from a vintage episode of Corrie once they're in, but give them a go and you won't look back. Simply fix them into your hair, leave them to heat through your lengths, let your hair cool down afterwards, and you're done. Unfurl your hair for the big reveal.

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The Best Rollers For Fine Hair

When it comes to heat styling fine hair your priority should always be protecting it. The best heated rollers for fine hair have two heat settings to give you maximum control and the option to tone down the heat if you're concerned about damage to your hair. Always use a heat protection spray before you fix your rollers in too.

The Best Rollers For Long Hair

When it comes to finding the best heated rollers for long or thick hair you should make a play for sets that contain large numbers of rollers. For long hair work with smaller sections of hair when fixing your rollers in place to ensure the heat reaches the length of your hair. This means you'll need a greater quantity of rollers. Look for sets that contain around 20 or more.

The Best Rollers For Short Hair

The problem you'll have when using rollers in short hair is getting the rollers to stay in place. The best heated rollers for short hair include clips that help you secure your rollers. You'll save a lot of time and effort if your heated rollers set includes clips.

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Best Heated Rollers - Grazia 2022

Best Heated Rollers
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Summary: For beautiful waves and glamorous volume with eye-popping shine.Product Specifications: The set is made up of four large rollers and four XL rollers. They have two heat settings for maximum control.Pros/Cons: The flocked surface makes for tangle-free removal, never underestimate an asset like that when it comes to heated rollers!

Best Heated Rollers
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Summary: A set of 30 ceramic heated rollers in varying sizes (6 x small, 8 x medium, 8 x large, 8 x XL).Product Specifications: Two temperature settings and the set includes 15 super clips and 30 colour coded metal pins.Pros/Cons: This is the ultimate set if you're a fan of heated rollers, and if you have a lot of hair the 30 strong set is a must-buy.

Best Heated Rollers
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Summary: These all-in-one pods eliminate the need for clips. You simply wrap your hair around the barrel and snap it shut to keep in place.Product Specifications: Contains 18 large curl pods.Pros/Cons: An easy-to-use product that offers great results.

Best Heated Rollers
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Summary: 12 large thermo ceramic heated rollers that add body, shine and curl to hair.Product Specifications: Includes 12 clips to secure hair in place without leaving kinks.Pros/Cons: The soft touch coating ensures easy application and removal.This product is coming soon. Add to your wishlist to receive an in stock email notification from Look Fantastic

Best Heated Rollers
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Summary: 8 medium and 12 large flocked heated rollers with clips.Product Specification: These heat up in a matter of 90 seconds and set hair in 5 minutes, talk about speedy!Pros/Cons: A good looking set that comes in at a great price too, what's not to love?!

Best Heated Rollers
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Summary: 4 small (30mm) rollers, 4 medium (40mm rollers), and 4 large (50mm rollers). The set also includes The O Pod, clips, an accessorises case, and an eco-friendly water bottle. Product Specification: The rollers will become heated in 4 seconds, for a blow dry look in minutes. They heat up once in the hair, rather than in your hands, to concentrate precise temperatures onto the hair for the most effective styling.Pros/Cons: The ideal rollers for quick and stylish hair, perfect for those with short to medium length hair.

How long should you leave heated rollers in for?

Depending on the curl pattern you want to achieve, you can leave your heated rollers in for anything from 10-minutes to an hour. The heat is what manipulates your hair to reshape into a curl, but it's actually the cooling down process that allows the hair to 'set' into its style. Therefore if you take the curlers out before the hair is thoroughly cooled, your curl-pattern may drop as the hair naturally cools. The takeaway: if you want beachy waves, take out your rollers sooner. If longer-lasting, bouncier curls are more your thing: keep your rollers in for longer.

Do you use heated rollers on wet or dry hair?

For best results, use heated rollers when your hair is around 80% dry. This way, the volume and curl is created as your hair dries, but it won't take as long as it would do if your hair was sopping wet. Heated rollers also work well on dry hair.

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