Introducing Blue Toning Shampoo For Brunettes

Meghan Markle

by Georgia Aspinall |

For years, faux blondes have kept their yellow locks looking fresh and fabulous with purple shampoo. Preventing dyed blonde hair from turning brassy, the formula allows your dye-job to continue looking fresh for months on end (and we know the best ones on the market too). However, faux brunettes haven’t been so lucky.

Dying your hair brown might sound easier than bleaching it blonde, but in actuality brunettes are still subject to their hair changing colour over time. Losing the cool, deep shade from a fresh dye, brown hair can develop red and orange tones leaving you with a more auburn or ginger look. And if it does, say goodbye to that Kim Kardashian shine you had in the first few weeks.

Alas, a savior is on the horizon. Blue shampoo has arrived and is the latest hair hero product to storm the beauty industry. Banishing the fear that your new Meghan Markle inspired locks might acquire a warm tinge, the shampoo promises to keep the red tones at bay. Hair connoisseur Charles Worthington is the latest to release a blue shampoo range (£7.99), using the same colour technology as purple shampoo to keep your hair ‘cool’.

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‘In the same way that blonde hair can turn brassy, brunette hair is also prone to oxidising which can bring out orange or red tones,’ says Ken O'Rourke, Charles Worthington ambassador, telling Refinery 29, ‘if you’d like to keep your brown hair cool, I’d recommend using a blue toning shampoo once a week or alternating it with your regular shampoo if needed.’

There are a number of blue shampoos to choose from on the high street right now, including Aveda’s Blue Malva shampoo(£36) which promises to ‘neutralise brassiness’ and Joico’s Colour Balance Blue Shampoo(£16) which claims to stop your colour from fading and keep brown shades cool.

So, if you’re looking to get that Kate Middleton look for spring and actually keep it for the big royal wedding in May, you’re in luck: blue shampoo is here to save us all hundreds on fresh dye jobs.

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