I’m A Beauty Journalist And These Affordable Perfumes Smell Just Like My Favourite Designer Scents

From Baccarat Rouge to Black Opium, I've found them all.


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I've developed quite a passion for perfumes over the years, and it all traces back to my childhood when I couldn't resist sneaking spritzes from my mom's impressive collection. Just like Molly Mae, Giorgio Armani Sí, will always be a scent that brings back the fondest of memories. It's a quintessential feminine fragrance that just oozes nostalgia - I'll still mist it liberally to this day.

And now, as a beauty journalist, the obsession continues. I have a perfume shelf in my room that houses around 20 bottles of the stuff all with their own unique story. From luxurious scents to affordable supermarket treasures (shoutout to Aldi and M&S) I'm not a snob - if it smells good, I'll spray it. And along the journey my nose has picked up that Zara and other high street brands are pretty good at ‘taking inspiration’, shall we say, from higher-end fragrances. With this in mind, I bring you the best perfume ‘dupes’ that smell so similar to their premium counterparts. While fans of the originals are unlikely to be swayed, I can promise that this lot still smell gorgeous and allow you to cut down on a few zeros.

FYI, an eau de toilette (EDT), by definition, won’t last as long as an eau de parfum (EDP) because the concentration of perfume oil to alcohol/water is lower. And it's worth noting that scents are also hugely subjective so it’s worth giving them a smell before you buy. But a good recommendation never went amiss. Scroll on for my take on the best perfume dupes on the market.

The Best Perfume Dupes 2024

Smells like: Loewe Paula's Ibiza

Marks & Spencer's Sunrise made waves online for resembling Loewe's iconic fragrance Paula's Ibiza and we can totally see why. With corresponding notes of exotic florals, both scents are summery, uplifting, and leave you wanting more. Shop the high street £10 version, or Loewe Paula's Ibiza, £77

Smells like: Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge
This one just dropped into Superdrug and fans are already likening the fragrance to Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge. And I can see why. The notes behind Baccarat Rouge are saffron and jasmine; middle notes of amber wood and ambergris; base notes fir resin and cedar. By no surprise, Eilish No. 3 shares notes of the saffron, jasmine, cedar and amber.

Smells like: Lancome La Vie Est Belle

This perfume was given to me as a gift and I'll forever be grateful for it. Picture a bouquet of elegant red peony flowers merged with warm vanilla, and fruity notes of tangerine and raspberry to top it off. Dare I say it...I love this one as much as the original.

Smells like: Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge

This is the one everyone talks about. And for good reason. It's definitely comparable to the iconic Maison Francis Kurkdijan. While it doesn't last as long the huge price difference making this one worth taking a punt. You'll reel in the compliments - trust me.


Marks and Spencer Midnight Blossom | YSL Black Opium

Best Perfume Dupes
Price: £10

Smells like: YSL Black Opium

Sharing notes of soft jasmine florals, with deeper, musky undertones, it's no wonder these two fragrances smell alike - it's my go to date-night scent on a budget.

Smells like: Paco Rabanne Olympéa

Aldi know a thing or two about dupes. This one is a hard find so I suggest hitting stores. It is very similar to Olympéa, both are sensual and elegant – and both reveal notes of fresh jasmine, warming sandalwood and sweet vanilla.

Smells like: Dior J'adore
As someone who’s always on the lookout for a good deal without compromising quality, I stumbled upon Zara’s Wonder Rose while hunting for a more affordable alternative to Dior J’adore. Let me tell you, while it may not boast the same luxurious appearance on my vanity, the similarity in scent is uncanny once it hits the skin and you give it time to really sit. Both fragrances dance with notes of jasmine, vanilla, and coconut, offering a delightful bouqet which is perfect for spring. Zara’s rendition also surprises with fruity hints of pear, adding an extra layer of freshness to the mix.

Smells like Libre

If YSL Libre tickles your fancy, you'll be pleased to know Zara once again, has a match. The perfumes both share notes of orange blossom, jasmine and lavender, and the colour is near an exact copy. Word of warning though, this fragrance is highly addictive - I've got through a fair few bottles of the stuff.

Smells like: Le Labo Santal 33
M&S fragrances are not to be played with. This Apothecary fragrance smells like the famous Le Labo Santal 33. It might not last as long as it is an eau de toilette but vaseline before application can help with that (it makes it last longer). It shares notes of cardamom, cedarwood and sandalwood with Le Labo's Santal 33, all for a £158 difference.

Smells like: Paco Rabanne Lady Million
Although, this one doesn't come in the fancy packaging it smells just as good, and for £10, you can't really go wrong. The Warm Neroli fragrance shares notes of neroli (obviously), amber which is responsible for the musky dry down, and citrus.

Smells like: Marc Jacobs Daisy
Few perfumes compare to Marc Jacobs Daisy, but this M&S one does comes very close. Both perfumes share notes of light fruits and sandalwood with a vanilla base, the only slight difference between the two is that M&S's fragrance is a lot more fresh and green.

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